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Rare books and special collections:  Catalogue

A listing of the rare book and other special collections held in the Auchmuty Library.

Special collections : Renaissance

The Renaissance Collection Catalogue


ANDREWES, Lancelot

XCVI [Ninety-six] sermons by the Right Honourable and Reverend Father in God, Lancelot Andrewes, Late Lord Bishop of Winchester. Published, by His Majesties speciall command. The fourth edition. With an alphabeticall table of the principall contents. Whereunto is added, a sermon preached before two kings on the fift [sic] of August, 1606.

London : printed by Richard Badger, printer to the Prince His Highnesse, 1641.

Folio, individual paging for each sermon, frontispiece portrait, decorative panels at the head of each sermon, woodcut device probably printer's device, marginalia. Bound in contemporary brown calf.

(From the Morpeth Collection)

BACON, Francis, 1561-1626

Considerations touching a warre with Spaine. Written by the Right Honourable Francis Lo. Verulam, Vi St Alban.

[London] : Imprinted 1629.

8vo, 46pp. Re-bound in leather.

BACON, Sir Francis

Historia regni Henrici septimi Angliae Regis. Opus vere politicum.

Lugd Batavor [ie Leiden] : Apud Franc. Hackium, 1647.

12mo, 403, [5] pp, engraved title page. Bound in contemporary vellum.

Engraved bookplate "Ex bibliotheca senatus Gedanensis".

Mss Louis Bougier on front end paper.

(Light funds)

BACON, Sir Francis

Sylva Sylvarum : or A Naturall Historie. In Ten Centuries. [and] New Atlantis. A Worke unfinished. Written by the Right Honourable Francis Lo. Verulam Viscount St. Alban. Published after the Author's death by William Rawley, … The third Edition.

London : printed by J.H. for William Lee, 1631.

Small folio, 258, A Table of Experiments, 46, 43, 44pp, frontispiece portrait, woodcut devices probably printer's mark, engraved title page, decorative panels and initials, marginalia. Bound in contemporary calf.

With unidentified bookplate.

(General funds)

Sylva Sylvarum


BACON, Nathaniel

An Historicall Discourse of the Uniformity of the Government of England. The first part. From the first Times till the Reigne of Edward the third [and] The Continuation of an Historicall Discourse, of the Government of England, Untill the end of the Reigne of Queene Elizabeth. With a Preface, being a Vindication of the ancient way of Parliaments in England. By Nath: Bacon.

London : Printed by {Tho: Roycroft,] for Mat[t]hew Walbancke, and [Henry Twyford], 1647 [-1651].

8vo, 323, [11], 307, [8] pp, some decorative panels, marginalia. Bound in modern brown calf.

Mss Richard Crosso? verso title page.

(1,000,000th book presented by the Friends of the University)


Barclay his Argenis or, The Loves of Polyarchus & Argenis. Faithfully Translated out of Latin into English, by Kingswell Long Esquire. The Second Edition, Beautified with Pictures. Together with a Key Praefixed to unlock the whole Story.

London : Printed for Henry Seile at the Signe of the Tygres head …, 1636.

8vo, illustrated. Original leather binding.

One of the early works of fiction written by an Englishman. It is an allegorical romance based on the French wars of religion. Originally written in Latin, this is the first English version.

Purchased with Light funds.

BIBLE. English - Authorized

[Holy Bible and the Booke of Psalmes collected into English by Thomas Sternhold …]

[London : imprinted for the Company of Stationers, 1628]. Title page missing

8vo. Bound in brown calf

Contains many handwritten notes of ownership dating from 1641 by a Richard Dodsworth. In July 1917 the book was presented to St. John's College Armidale by F.J. White Esq.

(From the Morpeth Collection)

BIBLE. English - Geneva

[Breeches Bible]

[Holy Bible … with Two right profitable and fruitfull concordances, or large and ample tables alphabeticall… Collected by R.F.H.]

London : imprinted by Robert Barker, printer to the King's most Excellent Maiestie, 1611. Title page missing.

8vo, printed in black letter. Black boards.

Presented to St. John's College, Morpeth by Father G. Parker, 1964.

(From the Morpeth Collection)

BIBLE. O.T. - Pentateuch - English

Annotations upon the five bookes of Moses, [and] the Booke of the Psalmes, and the Song of Songs, or Canticles. Wherein the Hebrew Words and Sentences, are compared with, and explained by the ancient Greeke and Chaldee versions… by Henry Ainsworth.

London : Printed by M. Parsons for John Bellamie…, 1639.

Folio, broken paging, separate title pages and printer's device. Printed in two columns. Bound in contemporary brown calf.

Mss "Ex dono socrus mod Sarah Clarks 1723" on title page. Presented to the Armidale School By Wm E. White, Christmas, 1902. Transferred to the Library of St. John's College Armidale.

(From the Morpeth Collection)


[Il Decameron di M. Gio Boccaccio Fiorentino …]

[Venice : 1564].

Title page missing handwritten one supplied.

8vo, 640pp, decorated initial letters. Bound in vellum.

(Donated by student at the Central Coast Campus)


Enquiries Touching the Diversity of Languages, and Religions through the cheife parts of the world. Written by Edward Brerewood…

London : Printed for John Bill, 1614.

Small 4to, [xxii], 198pp, decorated title page, decorative panels and initial letters and marginalia. Bound in limp vellum with gilt tooling and centre piece etc of the Prince of Wales's feathers. Originally had ties.

With bookplate of Scott Chad and book-label of John Sparrow.

(Light funds)


Two and Twenty Lectures upon the First Five Chapters of Jeremiah. With Prayers Annexed, at the end of every Lecture by Master John Calvin …

London : Imprinted by Felix Kyngston, for Nathanael Newbery, 1620.

8vo, [viii], 315, [xvi] pp, decorative initial letters. With marginal notes. Bound in vellum.

(From the Morpeth Collection)

Catechesis ecclesiarum polonicarum, Unum Reum Patrem, illiusque Filium

unigenitum, una cum Spiritu Sancto ex S. Scriptura confitentium Anno Christi 1609 in lucem primum emissa, & post per viros aliquot in eodem Regno correcta. Iterumque unterpositis compluribus annis a Johanni Crellio Franco ac nunc tandem Jona Schichtingio a Bucowieg.

Irenopoli (Amsterdam) : Sumtibus [sic] Friderici Theophili, 1659.

8vo, [24], 355, [5], 37, [3] pp. Boards.

(Light funds)


Historiae ecclesiasticae scriptores graeci … Graecolatine nunc primum editi, ex interpretatione Joannis Christopherson … & recognitione Suffridi Petri …

Coloniae Allobrogum : Petrus de la Rouiere, 1612.

Folio, 768, 629pp, printer's? device on title page. Bound in brown calf.

Parallel text in Latin and Greek. Mss " T. Gray" on title page.

(From the Morpeth Collection)

CRASHAW, Richard

Steps to the Temple, Sacred Poems. With the Delights of the Muses. By Richard Crashaw… The second Edition wherein are added divers pieces not before extant.

London : printed for Humphrey Moseley, 1648.

12mo, [vi], 110, [iv], 71, [iii] pp, engraved title page. Bound in mottled calf, gilt spine decoration and gilt fore-edges.

With bookplate "William Cowan". Wing C6837

(Light funds)

CULPEPER, Nicholas

[Herbal] Physicall Directory ; or, A translation of the London Dispensatory Made by the Colledge [sic] of Physicians in London … By Nich. Culpeper Gent.

London : Printed for Peter Cole, 1649.

8vo, [xvi], 345, [xxviii] pp, decorated panels. Bound in half calf and blue boards.

(Auchmuty Library Collection)

DU BARTAS, Guillaume de Salluste

His devine Weekes & Workes. Translated & Dedicated To the King's most excellent Majestie by Josiah Sylvester.

London : Humphrey Lownes, 1608.

8vo, 544, 193, [xxii], 96, [vi] pp, engraved title page, decorative devices. Has colophon. Bound in vellum with gold tooled design on covers and spine. Has ties.

(Light funds)

DYKE, Daniel

The Mystery of selfe-deceiving : or, A Discourse and discovery of the Deceitfulness of Man's Heart. Written by the late Daniel Dyke … Published since his death by his Brother I. D. And now by him augmented and inlarged …

London : William Stansby, 1633.

8vo, [viii], 418, [xxviii] pp, decorative panels and initial letters, marginalia. Half bound with blue boards.

(Auchmuty Library Collection)

[ELIZABETH I, Queen of England]

An humble petition of the Communaltie to their nost [sic] renowned and gracious Soveraigne, the Lady Elizabeth… Also the lamentable complaint of the communaltie, by way of Supplication to the high court of Parliament, for a learned ministerie renued and augmented [and] A petition made to the Convocation house, 1586, by the godly ministers tending to reconciliation, and translated into English …

[Middelburg : Richard Schilders], 1588.

Small 8vo. Bound in reversed calf. STC 7585

(Light funds)

EUSEBIUS PAMPHILI, Bishop of Caesarea

Ecclesiasticae historiae : Eusebii Pamphili Lib x eiusdem de vita Constantini Lib v …

Paris : ex officina Roberti Stephani typographi Regii, 1544.

Folio, [iv], 353, 181, [viii] pp. Pages on recto numbered only. Decorative panels, printer's device on title page, decorative inital letters. Cum privilegio Regis. Bound in contemporary calf with a gold tooled crest on the front cover believed to be that of Queen Elizabeth 1.

With bookplate for the Southampton Theological Library and Mss Henry Wood Cambridge, and J. Draper on title page.

(From the Morpeth Collection)

FENTON, Sir Geoffrey

Golden Epistles, contayning varietie of discourse, both Morall, Philosophicall, and Divine : gathered as wel out of the remaynder of Guevaraes workes as other Authours, Latine, French and Italian, By Geoffrey Fenton. Newly corrected and amended.

London : Ralph Newberie, 1582.

Small 4to, in eight parts, printed in black letter, title page has woodcut border, decorated initial letters and marginalia. Has colophon. Bound in 19th century morocco, gilt tooling.

With bookplate "Williams" STC 10796

(Light funds)

FOXE, John

[Book of Martyrs]

The First Volume of the Ecclesiasticall History contayning the Actes & Monumentes of thinges passed in every kinges time, in the Realme, especially in the Church of England … [and The Second Volume of the Ecclesiasticall History conteyning the Actes & Monumentes of Martyrs, with a generall discourse of these latter persecutions … ] Newly recognised and inlarged by the Author J. Foxe, 1576 [ie the third edition].

London : Printed by John Day, 1576. 2 vols in 1

4to, printed in black letter, woodcut title page, decorated initial letters, numerous woodcut illustrations and map of Saxon Kings, printed in two columns. Has colophon at the end of Vol 1 [p771]. Bound in contemporary calf. STC 11224

(Light funds)

GOFFE, Thomas

The Couragious Turke, Or, Amurath the First. A Tragedie. Written by Thomas Goffe Master of Arts, and Student of Christ - Church in Oxford, and Acted by the Students of the same House.

London : Printed by B. Alsop, and T. Fawcet, for Richard Meighen, 1632.

12mo, unpaged decorated initial letters and head of page decorations. Bound in old half morocco. With bookplate.

(Donated by the Friends of the University).


SS PP Gregorii neocaesariensis episc. cognomento thaumaturgi, Macarii aegyptii, et Basilii seleuciae isauriae episcopi, Opera omnia, quae reperiri potuerunt. Nunc primum Grace et Latine coniunctim edita, cum indicibus necessarys. Accessit Ioannis Zonarae expositio canonicarum epistolarum.

Parisiis : Sumptibus Michaelis Sonnii, Claudii Morelli, et Sebastiani Cramoisy via Iacobaea, 1622.

Folio, 390, 114pp and index, title page printed in red and black, engraved title, decorative panels and initial letters. Bound in contemporary brown calf, gold tooling on spine. Parallel text in Greek and Latin. Cum privilegio regis.

(From the Morpeth Collection)

[GUEVARA, Antonio de]

The Golden Boke of Marcus Aurelius Emperour and eloquent oratour. [Translated by Antonio Guevara].

Londoni : [Thomas Berthelet], 1559.

Thick 8vo, printed in black letter, title page has woodcut borders, decorated initial letters. Has colophon. Bound in contemporary? calf with red edges.

From the Library at Gunton Park, Norfolk. Autographed signatures on endpapers and title page. STC12444

(Light funds)

HALL, Joseph, Bishop

The Contemplations upon the History of the New Testament, now complete : The second Tome. Together with Divers Treatises not hitherto reduced to the greater Volume : And, Some others never till now Published by Jos : Exon.

London : Printed by M. Flesher for Nath. Butter, 1634.

Folio, [xi], 452, [viii], 214pp, engraved title page, decorative panels and initial letters. Bound in half leather and brown boards.

Mss John Humphreys Manchester on title page and James Scholfields book 1799 opposite.

(Auchmuty Library collection)

HUGO, Hermann

Pia Desideria Emblematis, Elegiis & affectibus SS. Patrum Illustrata. Authore Hermanno Hugone Societatis Jesu … Sculpsit Christophorus a Sichem.

Antwerpiae, Typis Henrici Aertssenii, 1628.

16mo, 3ff [24], 456, [2] pp, woodcut title page, full page woodcut coat of arms of the dedicatee, Urban VIII, 46 full page woodcut emblems by Christoffel van Sichem, decorated initial letters. Bound in 19th century marble boards over blue roan with gilt spine.

(Light funds)

Pia Desideria Emblematis

LATIMER, Hugh, Bishop

[Frutefull sermons]

[London : Printed by John Daye, 1584]. Missing title page.

8vo, xii, 331pp, printed in black letter, decorative initial letters, decorative woodcut above colophon.

(From the Morpeth Collection)


An Italian Grammar written in Latin by Scipio Lentulo a Neapolitane : and turned in Englishe by H[enry] G[ranthan].

London : Thomas Vautroullier, 1575.

8vo, 155pp, printer's device woodcut device on title page. Bound in limp vellum.

(Light funds)

MARKHAM, Gervase

The Inrichment Of the Weald of Kent : or, A Direction to the Husband-man, for the true ordering, manuring, & inriching of all the Grounds within the Wealds of Kent and Sussex … Painfully gathered for the good of this Iland [sic], by a man of great Eminence and Worth, but revised, inlarged, and corrected with the consent, and by conference with the first Author. By Gervase Markham.

London : printed by Eliz. Purflow, for John Harison, 1649.

8vo, [ii], 24pp, decorated panels at head of chapters, decorated initial letters. Quarter bound with boards.

(Donated by Dr. Mills)


An Itinerary written by Fynes Moryson Gent. … containing His Ten Yeeres Travell Through the Twelve Dominions of Germany, Bohmerland, Sweitzerland, Netherland, Denmarke, Poland, Italy, Turkey, France, England, Scotland, and Ireland. Divided into III Parts …

London : printed by John Beale, 1617.

Folio, the title printed on two pages, woodcut decoration on title page and at head of chapters, printer's device? on title page. Bound in contemporary calf with raised bands. Contemporary signature "Charles Le Groos" on title page. Also pitted biography of Fynes Morison written on half title page. With bookplate Arthur Hugh Smith Barry Marbury Hall Case 3 Shelf G on front endpaper, and of W. Roeleston Saunders on back endpaper. Also ex libris "Edmund Whitaker".

(Light funds)

PRYNNE, William 1600-1669

A Revindication of the Anoynting and Priviledges of Faithfull Subjects. Or, A Briefe Reply to an idle Pamphlet, intituled, An Answer and Confutation of that groundless Vindication of Psal. 105-15 (Touch not mine Anoynted, and do my Prophets no harme … [by William Prynne].

London ? : Printed 1643.

12mo, 8pp. Disbound. Wing c4453.

(Donated by the Friends of the University).


A Restitution of Decayed Intelligence : In antiquities. Concerning the most noble and renowmed [sic] English nation. By the studie and travaile of R. V. Antwerp : Printed by Robert Bruney, 1605.

Small 4to, [xxiv], 338, [14] pp, title vignette, 11 copperplate illustrations, title page printed in red and black, decorated initial letters and end of page devices. Bound in 19th century calf, lettered in gold.

Mss George Fisher 7.1.1817 on title page.

(Light funds)


Respublica Romana.

Lugd Batavorum [ie Leiden} : ex officina Elzeviriana, 1629.

24mo, 575, [i] pp, engraved title page. Bound in overlapping vellum.

(Light funds)

SELDEN, John, ed. and comp.

The Priviledges of the Baronage of England When they sit in Parliament. Collected (and of late revised) by John Selden …

London : printed by T. Badger and Matthew Wallbanck, 1642.

12mo, [iv], 167pp, some decorative panels, marginalia. Bound in contemporary calf with raised bands.

Bookplate of John, Lord De la Warr

(Auchmuty Library collection)


The Maides Revenge. A Tragedy. As it hath beene Acted with good Applause at the private house in Drury Lane, by her Majesties Servants. Written by James Shirley Gent.

London : Printed by T. C. for William Cooke, 1639.

Small 4to, decorative panels, gathering H has 8 not 4 leaves and so 8 pages blank. Bound in 19th century half morocco.

With bookplate of Edmund Gosse.

(Light funds)

SOCINUS, Faustus

Praelectiones theologicae Fausti Socini Senensis. Editio secunda.

Racoviae : Typis Sebastiani Sternacii, 1627.

4to, [viii], 192pp. Bound in contemporary calf with gold stamped Golden Fleece device on spine.

From the library of George Baillie one of the Lords of the Treasury with bookplate (dated 1724) and mss on title page.

(Light funds


S. Thomae Aquinatis summa totius theologiae in2 VA … In tres partes … Editio novissima.

Parisiis : Sumptibus Petri Chevalier … 1615. 3 parts in 1.

Folio. Text printed in red and black letter. Woodcut illustration on title page.

Each part has its own title page.

(From the Morpeth Collection)


S. Thomae Aquinatis Summa totius theologiae… in tres partes…

Antwerpiae : ex officina Christophori Plantini, 1569. 3 vols. in 2

4to, woodcut device on title page probably printer's mark, decorative initials. Printed in two columns. Bound in cream calf with elaborate tooling on cover and five raised bands. A clasp book. With mss Societatis Jesu Dilmgae on title page

(From the Morpeth Collection)

VOLKEL, Johann

De Vera Religione Libri Quinque : Quibus praefixus est Iohannis Crellii Franci Liber De Deo et eius Attributis, ita ut unum cum illis opus constituat.

Racoviae [ie Rakov] : Typis Sebastiani Sternacii, 1630.

Thick 8vo, [12], 352, 715, (101)pp, woodcut title vignette. Bound in brown calf with four raised bands.

(Light funds).

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