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A listing of the rare book and other special collections held in the Auchmuty Library.

Special Collections : Light

The Reta Light Australian Poetry Collection

The Collection

ADAMS, Arthur H.
London Streets. By Arthur H. Adams.
London and Edinburgh : T.N. Foulis, 1906.
8vo, 43 pp. Paper covered boards.
Includes tipped in letter from "V.L." to "Jack" dated 28-4-1911 discussing items for publication and merits of contemporary literary figures. With bookplate of Harry F. Chaplin.

ADAMS, Francis
Songs of the Army of the Night, by Francis Adams …
Sydney : Printed at the Federal Steam Printing and Binding Works, [1888]
8vo, vi, 102pp. Paper covered boards.
Inscribed A.E. Gunn.

ADAMS, Robert Dudley
The Song of the Stars ; and other poems. By Alpha Crucis [ie. Robert Dudley Adams] ….
London : Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co., and Melbourne : George Robertson, [1882].

8vo, viii, 152pp. Bound in cloth.
Inscribed presentation copy "James Dalgarno (True? Artist) with the Author’s sincere regards Sydney Feb/80"
With stamp "J. Dalgarno 97 Victoria Street Sydney"
Includes loose newscutting from the Evening Sun 14 May 1912 which is an obituary for Adams.

ADAMSON, Bartlett
These Beautiful Women by Bartlett Adamson … Decorations by Roy Hodgkinson.
Sydney : Sydneysider Company, 1932.
8vo, 51pp and advertisement. Illustrated title page and illustrations opposite each poem. Paper covers.

ANDERSON, Mrs William J.
Colonial Poems. By Mrs. William J. Anderson, youngest daughter of the Rev. Edward Baker, of South Australia.
London : E. Marlborough & Co., 1869.

12mo, viii, 109pp. Bound in cloth.

Temple Mystic, and other poems. By J.A. Andrews.
Ballarat : F.W. Niven and Co., Printers, 1888.
8vo, [vi], 181pp. Paper covers, decorated.

Fragrance, or Ointment poured forth. [By M. M. Appleford].
Malvern : Printed and published by H.G. Appleford, 1898.
8vo, [i], 36pp. Paper covered boards, decorated.

ASTON, Tilly
Maiden verses by Tilly Aston.
Melbourne : A.H. Massina & Co., Printers, 1901.
8vo, vii, 146pp. Bound in cloth.

ASTON, Tilly
Singable Songs by Tilly Aston …
Melbourne : Robertson & Mullens Ltd., 1924
8vo, 31pp. Paper covers.

Lays from an Australian Lyre. By Austral.
London : City of London Publishing Company, [1881?]
8vo, vii, 120pp. Bound in cloth.

Presentation copy signed by "The Authoress" December 1881.
With bookplate of Dr. George MacKaness.

BANKS, E. Augustus
Sunshine and Shadow. By E. Augustus Banks.
Melbourne : Walker, May & Co., 1874.
12mo, vii, 200pp. Bound in cloth.

Clara : a Romance of Rural Life, and other poems. By A.J. Barbour.
Melbourne : Griffith and Spaven, 1888.
12mo, 57pp. Paper covers stapled in.

Life’s Testament. Songs from the Hill of the Seven Echoes by W.B.
[n.p.], Privately Printed, [1914].
8vo, 40pp. Paper covers.

Moreton Miles by William Blocksidge [William Baylebridge].
[n.p.] Privately Printed, [1910].
8vo, 96pp. Paper covers.

The New Life : A National Tract, [By William Blocksidge].
[n.p.], A Private Imprint … [1910].
8vo, 112pp. Paper covers.

A Northern Trail by William Blocksidge [William Baylebridge].
[n.p.] : Privately Printed, [1910].
8vo, 80pp. Paper covers.

Inscribed ? Blocksidge.

Selected Poems by William Blocksidge [William Baylebridge]
Brisbane : Gordon and Gotch (Queensland) Limited, 1919.
8vo, 165pp. Paper covers.

Seven Tales by William Blocksidge [William Baylebridge].
[London?] : Privately printed, [1916?].
8vo, [i], 123pp. Paper covers.

Songs o’ the South by William Blocksidge [William Baylebridge].
London : Watts & Co., 1908.
8vo, vi, 88pp. Paper covers.
Presentation copy inscribed "May Blocksidge from her brother London 20/8/’08."

Southern Songs by William Blocksidge [William Baylebridge].
[Sydney?] Privately printed, [1910].
8vo, 48pp. Paper covers.

A Wreath. By W. B. [i.e. William Blockrsdge].
[London?] ; Privately printed, [1916].
8vo, 11pp. Paper covers.

BAYNE, Emily
Truth and Trust. By Emily Bayne, authoress of "Sighs of Hope"…
Melbourne : Edward Purton & Co., 1880.
8vo, [i], 71pp. Paper covered boards.

BERRY, Eliza
Australian explorers (from 1818 to 1876) in rhyme. By Eliza Berry … Second edition (with map showing explorers’ routes).
Brisbane : Gordon and Gotch, 1893.
8vo, [ii], 39pp. Map. Bound in original cloth.

BEVERIDGE, Mitchell Kilgour
Gatherings among the Gum-trees. By Mitchell Kilgour Beveridge …
Melbourne : James Reid, 1863.
12mo, ii, 200pp. Bound in cloth.

With inscription "Jas Russell" on verso t.p.

BOAKE, Barcroft
Where the Dead Men Lie and Other Poems by Barcroft Boake. Edited, with notes and memoir, by A.G. Stephens and thirty-two illustrations By Mahony, Lambert and Fischer.
Sydney : Angus and Robertson, 1897.
8vo, xiv, 208pp and advertisements, frontispiece portrait of the author. Bound in cloth. Inscribed copy "Will H. Ogilvie September 1897" and "To my dear little Mother from her affectionate son Willie May 15th 1898. "In a far Country."

Behind the Tomb; and other poems. By Thomas Bracken …
Melbourne : Clarson, Massina, and Co., Printers, 1871.
8vo, [iv], 92pp. Bound in cloth.

Beyond : and other poems. By John Le Gay Brereton, M.D. …
Sydney : Turner and Henderson, 1886.
8vo, 98pp. Bound in original cloth.

The Goal of Time : a poem. By John Le Gay Brereton.
Melbourne : George Robertson, 1883.
8vo, 56pp. Bound in original cloth.

Landlopers : the tale of a drifting travel, and the quest of pardon and peace ; written by J. Le Gay Brereton.
Sydney : William Brooks & Co., [1899].
8vo, 177pp. Illustrated. Bound in original cloth.

With Brereton’s bookplate. Newscuttings reporting his death are pasted in.

Sweetheart mine : lyrics of love and friendship by J. Le Gay Brereton.
Sydney : Angus and Robertson, 1897.
8vo, 38pp and advertisement.

Dedication verse signed by Brereton on title page. Inscribed Kenneth Binns 1904.


Wattle Blossoms and Wild Flowers gathered by the way. Dedicated to my sister Elizabeth A. Lauder. By John Bright.
Melbourne : Modern Printing Co., 1902.
8vo, 23pp. Paper covers, decorated.

Bright and his sister were friends of Adam Lindsay Gordon.

Federation. A Poem. By John Bufton …
Melbourne : E.W. Cole, [1894].
8vo, 18pp. Paper covers.

The Light of Eden and Other Poems. By John Bufton …
Melbourne : [Printed by H.W. Mills & Co.], 1890.
8vo, 136pp. Bound in cloth.

Fern Fronds and Wattle Whispers. By M.B. Byrne … Printed for private circulation.
Geelong : Henry Franks & Co., 1885.
8vo, [iii] 47pp. Paper covered boards.

Inscribed "Nellie T M Clayton 1888 Sunnycroft Geelong."

CAMERON, Charles Innes
[Poems and hymns, by Rev. Chas Innes Cameron, M.A.]
[Geelong : 1870]
Title page lacking
12mo, vi, 119pp. Bound in cloth.

Songs and Whispers. By A. R. Campbell (a young Australian) …
Geelong : Printed by George Mercer, 1888.
8vo, [i], 36pp. Paper covers, decorated.

The Warden of Galway ; A Metrical Tale, in six cantos : and other poems. By William Carleton, Jun.
Melbourne : Clarson, Massina and Co., Printers, 1868.
8vo, xiv, 181, 48pp. Bound in cloth.

Inscribed presentation copy from author to William I. Pearson.

Poems by Jennings Carmichael (Mrs Francis Mullis).
London : Longmans, Green and Co., 1895.
8vo, xii, 212pp.

The Gipsy Road. By R. J. Cassidy.
Sydney : The Judd Publishing Co., 1919.
8vo, 96pp. Bound in original cloth.

Presentation copy inscribed by the author with 8 line holograph verse inserted.

A Bush Idyll and other poems. By Alfred T. Chandler.
Adelaide : E.S. Wigg & Son; Melbourne : S. Mullen, 1886.
8vo, [vi], 104pp. Bound in cloth.

Inscribed presentation copy "To Miss May Pollard with author’s regards A.T.C.".

CHUBB, Charles Frederick
Fugitive pieces, prologues, &c. By Charles Frederick Chubb, Ipswich, Queensland …
Brisbane : Printed by Warwick & Sapsford, 1881.
8vo, viii, 113pp, frontispiece photo of Chubb pasted in. Bound in cloth.

Inscribed J.W. Delgarno?

CLOUD, Mrs Thomas C.
Drift. A Volume of Stray Verse. By Lindsay Duncan [i.e. Mrs Thomas C. Cloud].
[Adelaide] : [W.K. Thomas and Co., 1891.].
8vo, 128pp lacks title page. Bound in cloth, lettered in gilt on boards.

The Colonial A1 Reciter.
Part 6 1890. English American, Canadian and Australian writers.
Norward, S.A. : A.T. Hodgson ; Melbourne Geo. Robertson ; Melbourne : E.W. Cole, 1890.
8vo, [I] 100 pp and Index. Paper covers.

CONROY, Charles
"Australia" by Charles Conroy.
Burwood : "Australian Courier" Print, [1910?].
8vo, 48pp. Paper covers.

Barwon Ballads by "C" [i.e. James Lister Cuthbertson].
Melbourne : George Robertson and Company, 1893.
12mo, xi, 131pp. Bound in cloth.

CUZENS, Rev. Benjamin
The Footprints of Jesus. A poem. Comprising the leading events of the Saviour’s history. By Rev. Benjamin Cuzens, Geelong …
Geelong : Thomas Paterson, Printer, 1861.
8vo, 55pp. Bound in cloth.

DALE, Philip
Voices from Australia by Philip Dale and Cyril Haviland.
London : Swan Sonnenschein & Co., 1892.
12mo, iv, 288pp. Pages 273-274 missing. Bound in cloth.

Incribed presentation copy to "G.B. Barton Esq. with the compliments of the authors.

DAVIES, Rowland Lyttelton Archer
Poems and other literary remains of the late Rowland Lyttelton Archer Davies, of Tasmania. Edited, with a Biographical Sketch, By Charles Tomlinson, F.R.S.
London : Edward Stanford ; Hobart : J. Walsh & Sons ; Melbourne & Sydney : George Robertson, 1884.
8vo, ix, 278pp. Bound in cloth.

Inscribed presentation copy to Bridget Mackay from author’s mother "in remembrance of her thoughtful attentions to her beloved son" Hobart June 7, 1884.

DERHAM, Francis Plumley
Murrin and Wonga; a serio-comic Australian poem. By Francis Plumley Derham.
Melbourne : H.T. Dwight, 1867.
8vo, 47pp. paper covers.

Inscribed Dorothy L. Derham.

DOMETT, Alfred
Ranolf and Amohia : a dream of two lives. By Alfred Domett. New edition, revised.
London : Kegan Paul, Trench & Co, 1883. 2 vols.
8vo. Bound in cloth.

Inscribed presentation copy to "Sir Henry Parkes K.C.M.G. with the author’s kind regards 17th March 1883."

DOWN, Richard
Ruminations and Reminiscences being a collection of incidental pieces and poems (humorous and sentimental) by Richard Down …
Melbourne : Arnall & Jackson, [1878?].
8vo, vii, 128pp. Bound in cloth.

Inscribed "S.D.H.C." on title page.

DOWN, Richard
Stray Thoughts : being A Collection of Poems, composed in leisure hours, by Richard Down.
Melbourne : Henry T. Dwight, 1871.
8vo, 96pp. Bound in cloth.

DUNNE, Lyell
The Music of the Spheres [by] Lyell Dunne.
Adelaide : E.S. Wigg & Son, 1898.
12mo, vi, 57pp. Bound in cloth.

To the Spirit of the Twilight hour. Exploration Thoughts and other poems. By Dusk …
Melbourne : George Robertson, 1874.
8vo, ix [I], 147pp. Bound in cloth.

Poems : in memory of a wife [by] W. D. [i.e. Will Dyson].
London : Cecil Palmer, 1919.
8vo, 39pp. Decorated title page. Decorated paper covered boards.

Has photo of Ruby Lind pasted in with typed words "In Memory of Ruby Lind 1887-1919."

Editha : a Poetical Tale founded on certain Kentish Legends. By W.R. Easdown.
Sydney : W.E. Smith, printer and stationer, 1883.
8vo, [v], 127pp, title page printed in red and black letter with ornate mauve border. Bound in cloth.

EAST, Lewis Findlay
The Quest of Love and other poems [by] Lewis Findlay East.
Melbourne : Melville, Mullen & Slade, 1895.
8vo, 44pp. Bound in cloth.
Inscribed presentation copy "C. Long Esq. With the authors compliments."

Poems. By J.F.E. [i.e. The Rev J.F. Eaton].
Sydney and Parramatta : C.E. Fuller, [1881?].
8vo, vii, 127pp. Bound in cloth.

Bush Ballads and other verses. [By] Guy Eden.
London : Sisley’s Ltd., [n.d.].
12mo, viii, 152pp. Bound in cloth.

"Several of the verses … have already appeared - some in "Vanity Fair" and "Baily’s Magazine", others in "The Bulletin"(Sydney)."

A Journalist and Two Bears. By James Edmond (Editor of the Bulletin).
Sydney : The Platypus Press, 1913.
8vo, 236pp, portrait of Edmond. Bound in cloth. Inscribed by author 1914.

Australian heart songs and sonnets by Annie B. Ellard.
Sydney : Marchant & Co. Ltd., 1909.
8vo, xi, 208pp. Bound in original cloth.

EMERSON, E. S. (Ernest Sando)
A Shanty Entertainment. By "Milky White" [ie. E.S. Emerson]. Private edition.
Melbourne : Ford & Taylor, 1904.
8vo, [iv], 112pp, frontispiece portrait of author. Bound in leather.

Inscribed presentation copy "J.A. Miller Esq with the author’s compliments, 1904"
This is No. 40 of a numbered private edition.

EVANS, G. Essex
The Repentance of Magdalene Despar and other poems by G. Essex Evans.
London : Sampson Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington, 1891.
8vo, 150pp and advertisements. Bound in original cloth.

Presentation copy inscribed "Mrs M. E. Minns with the author’s compliments 2nd July 1892"

FURPHY, Joseph
The Poems of Joseph Furphy [Tom Collins, author of "Such is Life"]. Collected and Edited by K. B. (Kate Baker). Preface by Bernard O’Dowd.
Melbourne : Lothian Book Publishing Co. Pty. Ltd., 1916.
8vo, 56pp. Frontispiece portrait of Furphy and other illustrations. Paper covered boards Presentation copy with letter from Kate Baker tipped in.

Poems by Ruby Gardner.
Sydney : Websdale, Shoesmith Limited, 1909.
8vo, viii, 124pp. Frontispiece portrait. Bound in original cloth.

Published posthumously. Gardner died 13th June, 1908.

Rhymes without reason by W.J. Evans.
Adelaide : J.L. Bonython & Co, 1898.
8vo, [iv], 89pp. Paper covers.

Inscribed M. Tymmons.

EXON, Edwin
The Lost Flower found and other poems. By Edwin Exon.
Melbourne : Evans of Foster, 1862.
12mo, 94pp and contents page at back. Bound in cloth.

EXON, Edwin
Lyrical dramas poems and translations by Edwin Exon.
Melbourne : Samuel Mullen, 1888.
12mo, [i], 146pp. Bound in cloth.

With inscription "A Eneas? Gunn? on half-title page.

FAVENC, Ernest
Voices of the Desert by Ernest Favenc. … With two illustrations by Percy F.S. Spence.
London : Elliot Stock, 1905.
8vo, xv, 77pp, frontispiece, illustration. Bound in cloth.

Inscribed presentation copy from the author to R. Scot Skirving, Surgeon of Sydney.
Includes cuttings of newspaper contributions made by Favenc.

FERRES, Arthur
The Free Selector and other verses by Arthur Ferres.
Sydney : Printed by Websdale, Shoosmith & Co [1901?].
8vo, vi [ii] 242pp, frontispiece portrait of Ferres. Bound in cloth with decorated front cover.

Preface Signed A.F. "Italia", Raymond Terrace, 1901."

FISHER, Mrs. Hannah
Original poems, by Mrs. Hannah Fisher. Dedicated, by kind permission to Lady Loch.
Ballarat : F.W. Pinkerton, 1889.
8vo, xi, 320pp. Bound in cloth with gilt decorated front cover.

GARDNER, Alfred F.
The Mother’s Grave, and other Original Poems by C.R.B. [i.e. Alfred F. Gardner], author of the "Faithless Wife."
Melbourne : Printed for the Author by T.R. Benson, 1883.
8vo, 46pp. Paper covers.

GAY, William
Sonnets by William Gay.
Bendigo : William Gay, 1896.
8vo, [i], [25pp]. Paper covers.

Inscribed "9th Sept 1897 Many felicitous recurrences of the date from Alf Moore."

GAY, William
Sonnets and Other Verses by William Gay …
Melbourne : E.A. Petherick & Co., 1894.
8vo, [iii], 56pp. Paper covered boards.

Desperate measures by Leon Gellert.
Sydney : Art in Australia Ltd., 1928.
8vo, [26pp]. Title and names of poems in red letter. Paper covers.

Inscribed presentation copy "To G. Mackaness with compliments Leon Gellert."

With bookplate of George Mackaness.

The Isle of San. A phantasy by Leon Gellert with five original etchings by Norman Lindsay. [Typescript].
Sydney : Published by Art in Australia, 1919.
4to [xviii], 140pp Lindsay etchings are not included. Half bound in buckram and leather.

This work was published in 1919 in a limited edition of 100 copies for sale complete with Lindsay etchings. Inscribed "Tom Garvin? 1920 on front endpaper."

[Gertrude's poems by Gertrude Hopkins.]
[Sydney, Newcastle, London : W.E. Smith, 1895.]
12mo, vii, 82pp. illustration of author on half t.p. and signature. Bound in cloth.

A presentation copy with MSS Presented to Mr & Mrs Sparkes by the Authors Father
John Hopkins Nov 10/95.

Scribblings of my Leisure Hours : being a Collection of Rhymes or Poems by S.A. Gilder. Respectfully dedicated, by permission, to the Hon. G.H. Cox, M.L.C., Mudgee.
Mudgee : Henningham & Mason, Printers : The "Mudgee Times" Office, 1873.
8vo, 24pp. Disbound from original paper covers.

GITTINS, Constance
Poems of Queensland by Constance Gittins.
Hong Kong : The Hong Kong Daily Press, 1917.
12mo, viii, 117pp. Bound in cloth.

Verse pasted in at back "For victory Day" in author's handwriting.

Shades of Memory. [Attributed to James Goldie].
[Sydney : Welch; printer Atlas Office, 1855].
8vo, vi, 103pp. Bound in morocco. Lacks title page.

Inscribed presentation copy "To Clara North with the Author’s affectionate esteem. Augt 4. 1855".

GORDON, Adam Lindsay
The Adam Lindsay Gordon Memorial Volume. Edited by Edward A. Vidler.
Melbourne and Sydney : The Lothian Publishing Co. Pty. Ltd., 1926.
4to, lvi, 234pp. Coloured frontispiece portrait of Gordon, illustrated some coloured. Bound in cloth.

Limited, numbered and signed edition of 1000. This is No. 30.
Inscribed presentation copy "To Marcus from Agricola Christmas 1928. With sincere good wishes." Published in memory of Adam Lindsay Gordon by the Gordon Memorial Committee. Includes a list of subscribers.

GORDON, Adam Lindsay
The Feud [by] Adam Lindsay Gordon with notes by Hugh Anderson and the traditional ballad "The Dowie Dens O’Yarrow." Six illustrations by Noel Paton …
Adelaide : Rigby, [1964].
8vo, 36pp, frontispiece portrait of Gordon, and six plates tipped in. Half bound in leather and cloth. Limited edition of 1001 copies, numbered and signed by Hugh Anderson of which this is 272. Also includes an advertising brochure for The Feud.

GORDON, Adam Lindsay
Poems by Adam Lindsay Gordon. Sea spray and smoke drift. Bush ballads and galloping rhymes - Miscellaneous poems.
Ashtaroth : a dramatic lyric. The roll of the kettledrum (illustrated).
London : Robt A. Thompson & Co Ltd., 1902.
8vo, xiii, [i], 354pp, frontispiece portrait of Gordon, and other illustrations. Bound in full morocco. Includes a loose photograph of Gordon. Inscribed "To Cyril W. Gooch Wishing him all the very best of luck and prosperity from Ernest Mainwaring. Aug 1st, 1903."

GORDON, Adam Lindsay
Poems of Adam Lindsay Gordon.
Sydney : N.S.W. Bookstall Company Limited, 1918.
8vo, x, 224pp. Bound in cloth with original paper covers bound in.

Includes a two-paged typescript letter from A.G. Stephens to Shaw Neilson dated 3/2/1919.

Botany Bay, and other poems. By J. Gordon, formerly of Bathurst, New South Wales.
London : Arthur Hall, Virtue and Co., 1861.
12mo, xv, 328pp, 24p of advertisements. Bound in cloth.

Poems by Lilian (an Australian poetess). [i.e. Lilian Greaves]. First edition.
Sydney : G. Baker Walker, [1890].
8vo, [xv]. Paper covers, decorated.

H, W.
Labour's rest. An ode To the Day commonly called Sunday. By W.H. (author of the Magdalene's plaint).
Melbourne : Mason, Firth & McCutcheon, 1871.
12mo, 15pp. Paper covers.

Jubilee Ode in commemoration of The Fiftieth Year of Her Majesty’s Reign, By Henry Halloran, C.M.G.
[Mowbray] : 1886.
8vo, 8pp. Bound in morocco with original paper cover bound in.

Inscribed presentation copy.

Poems by Jas. W. Harbinson …
[Melbourne : E. Newlands for the author], 1902.
8vo, 37pp, decorated pages. Bound in cloth with gilt fore-edges and decoration.

HARDWICKE, Mrs Elizabeth
Poems by Mrs. Hardwicke.
Melbourne : Davison, Duncan & Co, 1894.
8vo, 284pp. Paper covers, decorated.

Cover title … Numbers for the Old Hand and the New.

HARPER, Samuel
Australia & Mnason. A Centennial poem, being a poetical history of the Colony of New South Wales. By Samuel Harper.
Sydney : F. Cunninghame & Co, 1888.
12mo. 51pp. Bound in cloth.

Presentation copy "Rev. J.B. Boyce With the Author’s compliments 25/1/88.

HARPER, Samuel
Musings on the Past, Present, and Future, by Samuel Harper, A.D. 1876.
Sydney : Joseph Cook & Co, 1876.
12mo, [i], 122pp. Bound in cloth.

With MSS Charles Lees on verso of half t.p.

HAYTER, Henry Heylyn
Carboona : a chapter from the early history of Victoria. By Henry Heylyn Hayter, C.M.G. Reprinted from the Victorian Review.
Melbourne ; Printed at the Office of the "Victorian Review", 1885.
8vo, [ii], 39pp. Limp cloth boards.

Inscribed presentation copy "Lord Sandhurst with the compliments of The Author. Melbourne, 1887."

The Galatea, and other scraps. By H. Head …
Geelong : Henry Franks, 1873.
8vo, [ii], 94pp. Paper covered boards, decorated.

Cover : The Galatea. By A Blind Sailor. Not in Ferguson.

Meadow and Bush : a book of verses. By James Hebblethwaite, Vicar of D’Entrecasteaux Channel Tasmania.
Sydney : The Bookfellow, 1911.
8vo, 98pp. Paper covers.

A Rose of Regret [by] James Hebblethwaite.
Sydney : the Bulletin Newspaper Co. Ltd., 1900. (The Bulletin Booklets no. II)
8vo, 32pp. Paper covers decorated.

Limited edition of 550 numbered copies on paper, of which this is no. 389.
Inscribed George Gresham Reeve Cobar on title page.

HERBERT, Robert D.S.P.
The International Exhibition of New South Wales. September 17, 1879. A Poem (Reprinted from "Town & Country Journal" September 20, 1879. (By R.D.A.) [i.e. R.D.S.P. Herbert].
[Sydney : Privately printed, 1879].
8vo, 14pp. Bound in morocco.

Inscribed presentation copy "Mrs Lang Church Hill with the Author’s respects and admiration for the memory of her great and gifted husband Sydney 20/10/79".

HILL, Arthur Machen
Various verse [by] Arthur Machen Hill.
Melbourne : The Specialty Press Proprietary Limited, 1911.
12mo, (I), 116pp. Bound in cloth.

HIRST, Edith H.
Round the Camp Fire, and Other Australian Poems. By Edith H. Hirst.
London : Digby, Long & Co., Publishers, 19?
8vo, viii, 70pp and advertisements. Bound in cloth.

Inscribed presentation copy "Annie Grant. With the Authors kind regards. Aug 26th 193-"

HOARE, Benjamin
Figures of Fancy : A Volume of New Poems. The Maori, The Ambush, and occasional pieces. By Benj. Hoare.
Adelaide : John Howell, 1869.
8vo, [v], 106pp and advertisements. Bound in cloth.

Station Hunting on the Warrego : Australia : At the Valley of the Popran : and other poems, by Philip J. Holdsworth.
Sydney : William Maddock, 1885.
12mo, 99pp. Bound in cloth with bright yellow endpapers.

A presentation copy with MSS To Joseph O'Brien Sr from P.J.H. with warmest regards 9/2 '88.

HORNE, Richard Hengist
Cosmo de’ Medici. An Historical Tragedy and Other Poems by Richard Hengist Horne …
London : George Rivers, 1875.
8vo, [iv], 167pp, with sketch of Medici. Bound in cloth.

Presentation copy signed by the author May 16 1876.

HORNE, Richard Hengist
Galatea Secunda, an oddic cantata, addressed to H.R.H. Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh on his first arrival in the colony of Victoria. The music composed by J. Summers, Mus. Bac. Oxon. op. 9 …
Melbourne : Printed for private arculation, 1867.
8vo, 4pp. Folded sheet.

HORNE, Richard Hengist
Orion an Epic Poem - In Three Books. By R.H. Horne. Second Edition.
London : J. Miller, 1843.
8vo, 137pp and advertisements. Bound in cloth.

With bookplate of Walter W. Stone.

HORNE, Richard Hengist
Prometheus the fire-bringer. By Richard Henry [i.e. Hengist] Horne … Australian edition.
Melbourne : H. T. Dwight, Bookseller and Publisher, 1896.
8vo, 60pp and advertisement. Paper covers.

Inscribed A.E. Gunn on verso of title page.

HORNE, Richard Hengist
Soliloquium Fratris Rogeri Baconis anno domini 1292. By Richard Hengist Horne. For Private Circulation. Reprinted from Fraser’s Magazine.
London : Dryden Press, 1882.
8vo, 11pp. Bound in cloth, original paper covers bound in.

Photograph of R.H. Horne and John Shillinglaw in 1869 tipped in. Identification on back in the handwriting of Georgiana McCrae.

HORNE, Richard Hengist
The South-Sea sisters, a lyric masque, written for the Opening of the Intercolonial Exhibition of Australasia, 1866. By R.H. Horne … Translations into French and German Verse. The Incidental Music Composed by Charles Edward Horsley Op 13.
Melbourne : H.T. Dwight, [1866].
8vo, 33, 8pp. Paper covers.

Rose Leaves from an Australian Garden. By John Howell.
Adelaide Carey & Page, Printers & Publishers, 1884.
8vo, viii, 135pp. Half bound in leather and cloth.

Inscribed presentation copy "George Augustus Sala Esq. From the Author John Howell Adelaide SA Augt 4th/85." With bookplate of Charles R.J. Glover.

HOWITT, Richard
The Gipsy King ; and other poems. By Richard Howitt.
London : Thomas Arnold, 1840.
8vo, vii, 206pp and advertisements, illustrations. Bound in cloth.

Inscribed by John Pascoe Fawkner MLC & J.P. on title page.

HUDD, Alfred
The Wreck of the "Star of Greece", by Alfred Hudd …
Adelaide : Printed by Yardon and Pritchard, 1888.
8vo, 8pp. Paper covers.

The wreck occurred 13th July 1888 at Port Willunga on the South Australian Coast.

The Emigrant, and other poems. By F.M. Hughan.
Geelong : Thomas Brown ; and Melbourne : G. Robertson, 1856.
8vo, [iii], 112pp. Paper covered boards, decorated.

Inscribed Wm B. Harper Geelong 1856. Includes loose handwritten notes re Hughan as "Geelong Laureate!"

ISAACS, George
Rhyme and Prose ; and, A Burlesque, and its history, by George Isaacs.
Melbourne : Clarson, Shallard, & Co., 1865.
8vo, viii, 128pp. Bound in cloth.

In Sun and Shade [by] Muriel Jefferis.
Adelaide : E.S. Wigg & Son, 1900.
12mo, 56pp. Paper covers.

Fata Morgana; or, The Bristol Sculptor’s Idol, A Poem. By H. Jephson.
Hobart : T.L. Hood, Bookseller, 1881.
8vo, 51pp. Bound in cloth.

Euterpe. An ode to music written by Henry Kendall. [With cantata score] composed expressly for the opening of the New Town Hall and dedicated to Samuel Amess Esq. The Right Worshipful Mayor of Melbourne. By Charles Edward Horsley.
Melbourne : Published for the composer by W.H. Glen, [1870].
Folio, 5pp, frontispiece photograph of Horsley, title leaf printed in gold on vellum-finish paper. Bound in blue morocco with gilt decoration.

Bound with

Three pieces from "Euterpe" arranged for Florence Mary James by the Composer Charles Edward Horsley.
Melbourne : 1871.
This is one of the most rare of Kendall’s works. Horsley an English pianist, organist and composer was instructed by Mendelsohn and others and produced several notable works before coming to Australia in 1862 as organist of Christ Church South Yarra Melbourne.

Orara : an illustrated poem by Henry Kendall.
Melbourne : Art Union of Victoria, Sands and McDougall, lithographers, 1881.
Folio, 13 full page plates. Bound in original cloth.

Engravings by Ashton, Richardson, Curtis etc.

Poems and Songs by Henry Kendall.
Sydney : J.R. Clarke, 1862.
8vo, ii, 144pp. Bound in cloth.

This is the first edition of Kendall’s first volume of poems. Includes Mss poem signed by Kendall 15 October 1868 on front endpaper. Inscribed copy "Isabel B. Beatty from her affectionate husband J.J. M. Beatty."

KENNA, Francis
Songs of a Season by Francis Kenna ("K") …
Melbourne : published by Melville, Mullen & Slade, 1895.
8vo, 52pp. Bound in cloth.

KER, Anna Maria
Australian Poems. By A.M.K. [i.e. Anna Maria Ker].
Melbourne : Arnall & Jackson, Printers and Publishers, [ca 1883].
8vo, 132pp. Bound in cloth.

KNIBBS, George Handley
Voices of the North Book I and Echoes of Hellas Book II. By George Handley Knibbs.
London : Alston Rivers, Ltd., 1913.
8vo, xi, 291pp. Bound in original cloth.

Presentation copy from the author to Mrs E. B. A’Beckett.

"One People, One Destiny", and other poems by John Knight.
Maryborough (Queensland) : Alston & Co., 1894.
12mo, xix, 174pp. frontispiece portrait of Knight. Bound in cloth.

L, S
The Sydney "Bulletin" and its contemporaries. An honest criticism, by S.L. [in verse].
Balmain : Printed by W.C. Macdougall & Co., [1890].
8vo, 8pp. Paper covers. No title page.

The Times : A Satire, By N.O.L. [i.e. N.O. Lane], inscribed by permission, to the Hon. William B. Dalley, Q.C., M.P., Attorney-General of New South Wales.
Sydney : F. Cunninghame & Co., General Printers, 1884.
8vo, 29pp. Paper covers.

The Flour Bin : a poem [by] Henry Lawson.
[Cremorne: Talkarra Press, 1955.]
8vo, 5pp. Paper covers.

Limited edition of 100 copies to mark annual dinner of The Book Collectors’ Society of Australia held 2nd December 1955. Inscribed presentation copy from Walter Stone, printer, to Bill Russell 11/5/67.

Poetical works of Henry Lawson.
Sydney : Angus & Robertson 1925. 3 vols.
8vo. Frontispiece coloured portraits of Lawson in 1914, 1900 and 1896. Bound in cloth. This set initialled and presented to A.H. Spencer by George Robertson.

Triangles of Life and other stories. By Henry Lawson. [First edition].
Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide : The Standard Publishing Company, Pty. Ltd., 1913.
8vo, viii, 248pp. Bound in cloth with decorated cover. With bookplate of Dr. George Mackaness.

Between the Lights and other verses by Will Lawson (Quilp N.) …
Wellington, N.Z. : Ferguson and Hicks, 1906.
8vo, 114pp and advertisement, title page printed in red and black letter. Paper covers.

Includes tipped in typescript letter written by Lawson to E.J. Brady, Sydney March 25, 1943 concerning "Archibald" presumably the editor of the Bulletin and why Lawson did not receive a subsidy for a book being produced "because i happened to have andpound;1 a week pension." The letter is signed by Lawson as is the front endpaper.

The Three Kings and other verses by Will Lawson.
London : Angus & Robertson Ltd, 1914.
12mo, xiv, 242pp and advertisements. Frontispiece portrait of Lawson. Bound in cloth.

Inscribed presentation copy "To my friend E H Wythes, with kind regards Will Lawson." Also has letter written to Wythes by Lawson from Auckland, N.Z. dated May 3, 1932. With name-plate Bertram Stevens.

LEE, Ida
The Bush Fire and other verses by Ida Lee.
London : Sampson Low, Marston & Company, 1897.
12mo, viii, 62pp. Bound in cloth.

LEWIN, F. Sesca
Abel Tasman, and other poems. By F. Sesca Lewin.
Adelaide : Scrymgour & Sons, 1889.
12mo, ii, 72pp. Paper covered boards. With bookplate Harold L. Sheard.

LINGHAM, Henry Charles John
The Last Hours of a Lion Heart. A Threnody. By Henry Charles J. Lingham, Professor of Rhetoric and Classical Philology …
London and Melbourne : Melville, Mullen & Slade, [1899].
8vo, 103pp and advertisements, printed in red and black letter, frontispiece portrait of Lingham. Title page printed in red and black letter. Bound in cloth.

LINGHAM, Henry Charles John
The Litany of Love with The Love - Prayer of Giovanna II., Queen of Naples, and other Poems. By Henry Charles F. Lingham …
Melbourne : Atlas Press, 1900.
8vo, 63pp and [5] pages of reviews, frontispiece. Bound in leather.

Published by subscription. No. 19 of numbered edition. Signed by Lingham.

LINGHAM, Henry Charles John
The Living Pillars of the Colosseum : A Dramatic Picture - Poem of the Roman Persecutions. With Lyrics from Catullus. By Henry Charles John Lingham …
Melbourne : Echo Publishing Co., Ltd., 19??
8vo, 35pp and advertisements. Bound in cloth.

LITTLE, William
The Thunder Storm. Thoughts suggested at the performance of the 4th Movement of L. van Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony Op. 68. By William Little.
Ballarat : James Curtis, Printer &c, [1896].
8vo, 8pp. Paper covers, decorated.

LORIMER, Philip Durham
Songs and verses by Philip Durham Lorimer an Australian bush poet.
London : Privately printed by William Clowes and Sons, Limited, 1901.
8vo, 236pp, frontispiece portrait of Lorimer. Bound in cloth.

With "Margaret Carroll" stamped on title page.

LOUGHRAN, Edward Booth
’Neath Austral Skies. Poems by Edward Booth Loughran.
Melbourne : Melville, Mullen & Slade, 1894.
8vo, ix, 204pp. Bound in cloth.

LOYAU, George E.
Australian wild flowers : fresh gathered from the fields of poesy, comprising a collection of original Poems on various Colonial Subjects, by George E. Loyau …
Sydney : Lee & Ross, 1871.
8vo, 24pp. Disbound lacking original covers.

Inscribed "Harry Wallace Banks Newtown Road October 3 1871."

At the Sign of the Southern Cross [by] Annie MacDonald. With Illustrations by Margaret Baskerville and C. Douglas Richardson.
Melbourne : George Robertson and Company; [1911].
8vo, 147pp, frontispiece portrait of Annie Macdonald and child. Bound in original cloth.

A Mask designed by L. M. (under whose direction the verses were composed by her humble and obedient servants C. B. and J. L. G. B.)
Sydney : [s.n.], 1913.
8vo, 25pp. Paper wrappers.

Presented in celebration of the 21st year of the Women’s College. Verses composed by Christopher Brennan and John Le Gay Brereton. Inscribed E.M. Tildesley.

McCRAE, Dorothy Frances
Lyrics in Leisure by Dorothy Frances McCrae (Mrs C.E. Perry).
Melbourne : T.C. Lothian, 1909.
8vo, 84pp. Paper covers.

McCRAE, George Gordon
John Rous. A Queen Anne Story in an Australian Setting. Showing in simple words the passage of a not uneventful life animated throughout by an inborn and unconquerable love of the sea and a most ardent patriotism. By George Gordon McCrae. Illustrations by Lionel Lindsay.
Melbourne : The Specialty Press Pty Ltd., 1918.
8vo, [iii], 293pp. Frontispiece and four other illustrations.

Inscribed presentation copy ‘A.E. Edgar With the Author’s kind regards and remembrances George G. McCrae 29 May 1926".Has newspaper cutting "George Gordon McCrae. An appreciation by Ernest McCaughan " taken from the Australasian tipped in.

McCRAE, George Gordon
Mamba ("the bright-eyed") : an aboriginal reminiscence by George Gordon McCrae …
Melbourne : H.T. Dwight, 1867.
8vo. [i], 48pp. Paper covers.

McCRAE, George Gordon
The Man in the Iron Mask : A Poetical Romance in four books by George Gordon McCrae.
Melbourne : George Robertson, 1873.
12mo, viii, 168pp and advertisement. Bound in cloth.

McCRAE, George Gordon
The story of Ballade_dro. By George Gordon McCrae.
Melbourne : H.T. Dwight, 1867.
8vo, iv, 31pp. Paper covers.

With MSS initials W R on title page and stamp Walter S. Reid on front cover.

McCRAE, George Gordon
The story of Balade_dro [and Mamba ("The bright-eyed") : an aboriginal reminiscence] by George Gordon McCrae.
Melbourne : H.T. Dwight, 1867.
8vo, 31, 48pp. Bound in cloth.

The binder has misbound the canto of Mamba. It begins at p17. Pages 1-16 are at the end. Presentation copy M? McCrae from her? Son the author October/67.

McELHILL, Bernard
National Songs of Australia. Bush poems and digging adventures. Dramas, etc. By Bernard McElhill.
Melbourne : Printed by Jas Turner, 1893.
12mo, [ii], 315pp. Bound in cloth.

MACKAY, Kenneth
A Bush Idyl. By Kenneth MacKay …
Sydney : Edwards, Dunlop & Co., Limited, 1888.
8vo, [I], 81pp and advertisements. Bound in cloth.

Inscribed A.C. Gunn.

MACKAY, Kenneth
Stirrup Jingles from The Bush and the Turf and other rhymes by Kenneth Mackay.
Sydney : Edwards, Dunlop & Co. Limited, 1887.
8vo, 83pp. Stapled no covers.

Inscribed A.E. Gunn on title page and Thomas Bland … St Kilda at end.

The Closed Door and Other Verses by Dorothea MacKellar.
Melbourne : Australasian Authors’ Agency, 1911.
8vo, 70pp. Paper covers.

M’NAUGHTON, Catharine Annie
Sunshine and Shadow by C.A. M’Naughton. Christmas 1885.
Melbourne : George Robertson and Company, 1885.
12mo, 199pp. Bound in cloth.

Spine sub title : Scraps of verse and prose by C.A. M’Naughton.

MAIN, William
Bush Solitudes and Other Verses by William Main.
Melbourne ; George Robertson & Co., 1896.
8vo, viii, 92pp. Bound in cloth.

MARSHALL-HALL, George William Louis
Hymns ancient and modern [by G.W.L. Marshall-Hall.]
Melbourne : The Atlas Press, 1898.
8vo, 70pp. Half bound in leather and marbled boards. Original paper cover bound in.

Presentation copy to Judge Casey signed by author. Also accompanying letter to Judge Casey tipped in. Letter from A.G. Stephens to Mrs Dora Wilcox dated 11 August 1898 tipped in.
Numerous newspaper cuttings relating to Professor Marshall-Hall, first occupant of the Ormond Chair of Music in the University of Melbourne. With bookplate of Harry F. Chaplin.

MARTIN, Arthur Patchett
Lays of to-day. Verses in Jest and Earnest by A. Patchett Martin.
Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide : George Robertson, 1878.
8vo, vii, 40pp. Paper covers.

Includes a list of subscribers.

MARTIN, Arthur Patchett
The Withered Jester, and other verses by Arthur Patchett Martin.
London : J.M. Dent & Co, 1895.
8vo, xi, [iv], 116pp, illustrated title page, frontispiece by H. Nisbet. Bound in cloth.

MARTIN, Catherine, 1848-1937.
The Explorers and Other Poems by M.C. [i.e. Catherine Martin].
Melbourne : George Robertson, 1874.
8vo, 270pp. Bound in cloth.

Australian Echoes including the Corroboree and other poems by John Mathew. …
London and Melbourne : Melville and Mullen, 1902.
8vo, viii, 142pp. Bound in original cloth.

Frank the Poet. The Life and works of Francis Mac Namara [by] John Meredith [and] Rex Whalan.
Melbourne : Red Rooster, 1979. (Studies in Australian folklore)
8vo, xiv, 71pp, illustrated. Paper covers.

The Casket of Gems, by Mona Marie.
Ballarat : Luplau & Henwood, 1882.
8vo, x, 191pp. Bound in original cloth.

Inscribed M. Breecher 14/9/85.

MOORE, J. Sheridan
Spring-life lyrics. By J. Sheridan-Moore …
Sydney : Reading & Wellbank; London : Sampson, Low, Son & Co, 1864.
12mo, x, 180pp. Bound in cloth.

With MSS to Dr. J. Moloney from ??? 20 July 1870.

MOSS, James
Farnham and other poems, by James Moss.
Melbourne : Fergusson and Moore, 1882.
8vo, 85pp. Bound in cloth.

Mick Murphy’s Federal Song Book …
Carlton [Melbourne] : Ford & Son, Printers, [1900].
8vo, 8pp. Paper covers.

No title page.

NEILD, John Cash
Songs ’neath the Southern Cross. By John Cash Neild.
Sydney : Geo. Robertson & Co., [1896?].
12mo, xi, 184pp. With portrait of the author. Bound in cloth with gilt fore-edges.

Around the Boree Log and other verses by "John O’Brien."
Sydney : Angus & Robertson Ltd., 1921.
8vo, [vi], 162pp. Bound in cloth with dust jacket.

Inscribed "P.J. Hartigan St. Mel’s Narrandera 10th July 1931" on title page and "W. Charles Dymock from the publishers on half t.p. Includes two letters from Hartigan to E.H. Wythes dated June and July 1931 and a loose newscutting about "Around the Boree Log."

O’DOWD, Bernard
The Australasian Secular Association Lyceum Tutor. Edited and compiled by Bernard O’Dowd … Published under the auspices of the … Association, Melbourne.
Melbourne : Tyzack & Picken Printers and Stationers, 1888.
8vo, 114pp and index. Bound in cloth.

Inscribed Bernard O’Dowd and has a pasted in nameplate Mrs Adela Pankurst Walsh.
Includes newsletting on Anne Summers who was to write a biography of Adela Pankhurst Walsh.

O’DOWD, Bernard
The Silent Land and other verses by Bernard O’Dowd.
Melbourne : T.C. Lothian, 1909.
8vo, 44pp and advertisements. Paper covered boards.

1st edition, second impression.

The Border Poems of Will H. Ogilvie. [Compiler : George Wood]
[Hawick] : [John Murray Hood], [1959].
8vo, [v], 77pp. Paper covers, decorated.

Includes a letter to his friends Mr and Mrs Chaplin. This is obviously a presentation copy given at Christmas 1959. Also inscribed by Ogilvie on verso of t.p.

A Clean Wind Blowing. Songs of the out-of-doors. By Will H. Ogilvie. With illustrations by J. Morton Sale.
London : Constable, 1930.
8vo, 107pp, coloured frontispiece, three coloured plates and line drawings. Bound in cloth.

Inscribed presentation copy to Harry Chaplin 2/9/60.
Includes card written to Chaplin 2/9/1951 and loose cuttings of two of Ogilvie’s poems, The Sword of the Past and The Bombers.

Fair girls and gray horses : with other verses by Will H. Ogilvie.
Sydney : The Bulletin Newspaper, 1898.
12mo, vii [pviii] 168pp. Bound in cloth.

Inscribed by the author pv111.

Galloping Shoes. Verses by Will. H. Ogilvie. Illustrations by Lionel Edwards.
London : Constable and Company Ltd., 1922.
8vo, xii, 94pp, coloured frontispiece and seven other coloured plates tipped in, title page printed in red and black letter. Bound in cloth.

Inscribed presentation copy "With all good wishes to Harry Chaplin from Will Ogilvie 2nd Sept 1960. With Will H. Ogilvie’s bookplate.

A Handful of Leather by Will H. Ogilvie. Illustrated by Lionel Edwards.
London : Constable and Company Ltd., 1928.
4to, [vi], 96pp, coloured frontispiece and other plates. Bound in leather.

Inscribed presentation copy "Will H. Ogilvie with happy memory of your visit on Sept 19th 1951". Includes photo pasted in of Harry Chaplin, Ogilvie and Dr. Andrews. With the bookplate of Harry Chaplin.

Over the Grass by Will H. Ogilvie. Ilustrated in colour by Lionel Edwards.
London : Constable and Company Ltd., 1925.
8vo, xii, 82pp coloured frontispiece and seven other coloured plates tipped in, title page printed in red and black letter. Bound in cloth.

Inscribed Presentation copy "To Harry Chaplin with our cordial good wishes from W.H. Ogilvie and Madge Ogilvie …" Contains photograph of Ogilvie taken on eve of his 91st birthday at Kirklea 1960 A pasted in note reads "Heres WHO and Madge wishing Harry and May Chaplin good health and glad happiness with our advice - Take things easily. One step at a time - & so reach your "happy abode"" 16 April 1961. Also a tribute to Ogilvie on the eve of his 90th birthday called "Ninety" published in the Statesman.

Rainbows and Witches by Will H. Ogilvie …
London : Elkin Mathews, 1907. (Vigo Cabinet series)
8vo, 88pp. Paper covers, decorated.

Inscribed presentation copy "To A.J. Stephens with all good wishes from Will H. Ogilvie Dec 1906. My often kindly critic will you be kind once more?"
With stamp H.L. White Belltrees, Scone.

Scattered Scarlet by Will H. Ogilvie. Illustrated by Lionel Edwards.
London : Constable and Company Ltd., 1923.
8vo, x, [I] 83pp, frontispiece and 7 other coloured illustrations. Bound in cloth.

Inscribed presentation copy from the author to Harry Chaplin.
With Ogilvie’s bookplate.

The Maid of Millewa : an Australian poem. By P.K. O’Hara.
Melbourne : Dunn & Collins, 1878.
12mo, viii, 46pp. Paper covers.

The Old Bush Songs Composed and sung in the Bushranging, Digging and Overlanding Days. Edited by A.B. Paterson
Sydney : Angus and Robertson, 1905.
12mo, xvi, 135pp, 32p of advertisements. Bound in cloth.

Signed by Paterson on title page with note by George MacKaness "Signed by Banjo Paterson at my home 4 mths before his death". G.M.
With book-plate of George MacKaness.

Old Saltbush
The Death of Oswald, and other poems, songs, and ballads. By Old Saltbush.
Sydney : Turner and Henderson, 1887.
8vo, 90pp. Paper covers.

O’REILLY, Dowell
A "Pedlar’s Pack". By Dowell O’Reilly 1888.
Sydney : Printed and Published for the Author by W.M. Maclardy, Mercantile and Book Printer, 1888.
8vo, 88pp. Paper covered boards, decorated.

O’REILLY, John Boyle
Songs from the southern seas, And Other Poems. By John Boyle O’Reilly.
Boston : Roberts Brothers, 1873.
12mo, [viii], 227pp. Bound in cloth with gilt kangaroo on front cover.

With Mss F.B. Sanborn, Concord, 1873.

O’REILLY, John Boyle
Watchwords from John Boyle O’Reilly. Edited by Katherine E. Conway.
Boston : Printed and published by Joseph George Cupples, [1891].
8vo, xli, 60pp and advertisements, coloured frontispiece portrait of O’Reilly and other illustrations. Bound in cloth with gilt decorated cover.

Inscribed presentation copy "Mrs Louise Chandler Moulton with Kindest remembrance of Katherine E. Conway."

PALMER, Nettie
The South Wind. By Nettie Palmer.
London : John G. Wilson [1914].
12mo, ii, 58pp. Quarter bound vellum and paper covered boards.

Frank Wilmot (Furnley Maurice) By Vance Palmer.
Melbourne : The Frank Wilmot Memorial Committee, 1942.
8vo, 38pp., frontispiece portrait of Wilmot. Bound in cloth.

Inscribed presentation bopy "To Ian Turner, in memory of Moomba Book Fair [1957] and his great work for it Vance Palmer."
Limited edition of 350 copies.

PASCOE, William
A Voice from the Golden City. By William Pascoe. First edition.
Bendigo : Bolton Bros., Printers & Publishers, 1895.
8vo, viii, 217pp. Bound in leather.

Inscribed presentation copy "Philip P. Plummer from the author 4/8/98."
With bookplate of Dr. George MacKaness.

The Man from Snowy River and other verses by A. B. Paterson. [With a Preface by Rolf Boldrewood], [1st edition].
Sydney : Angus and Robertson, 1895.
8vo, xvi, 184pp. frontispiece portrait of Paterson. Bound in cloth.

Limited edition of twenty-five copies of which this is No. 3. Signed A & R.
Includes hand written preface by Rolf Boldrewood with corrections pasted in at the end of the text.

Rio Grande’s last race and other verses by A.B. Paterson.
London : Macmillan Co., Ltd, 1904.
8vo, xii, 178pp. Bound in cloth. Stamped "Presentation copy" on title page.

PITT, Marie E.J.
The Poems of Marie E.J. Pitt.
Melbourne : Edward A. Vidler, [1925].
8vo, 190pp, frontispiece portrait of Pitt. Bound in cloth.

Inscribed presentation copy "R.A. Broinowski With Kind regards from Marie E.J. Pitt. Melbourne 24.4.25." Includes a typescript poem tipped in entitled "To Frances" and signed R.A. Broinowski 8-9-12".

In Lengthening Shadows. Meditations in sonnet form. By H.W.P. Second edition.
Melbourne : Printed for the Author by McCarron, Bird & Co. 1902.
12mo, 27pp. Paper covers.

QUIN, Roderic
Poems by Roderic Quinn.
Sydney : Angus & Robertson, 1920.
8vo, ix, 194pp. Frontispiece portrait of Quinn. Bound in cloth.

Inscribed copy "With thanks and good wishes Roderic Quinn Sydney, December 1925."

[RAE, John]
Chirps. By an Australian Sparrow [i.e. John Rae]. Second series.
Melbourne : Rae Bros, Printers, 1886.
8vo, [v], 112, 5pp, portrait of Rae. Paper covers, decorated.

The Emigrant : His Thoughts, Feelings and Aspirations. An appeal to the working millions of my fellow-countrymen. [With] Homeward Bound and Other Verses. By George Randall.
Brisbane : Watson, Ferguson & Co. Ltd, 1928.
8vo, 48pp, frontispiece portrait of Randall. Paper covers.

Originally published London, 1867.
Inscribed Ian Turner inside front cover.

Betrayed, an Australian tragedy, and other poems by F.S. Renwick.
Melbourne : George Robertson, 1883.
8vo, vi, [I], 104pp. Cloth covered boards.

With bookplate of Hugh Stewart.

The Poetical Works of Rev. J. Richards …
Melbourne : J. Richards & Co., Printers, [n.d.]

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