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Quick Guide to Referencing: Chicago 17A

A quick referencing guide for Pathways & Learning Support students or anyone interested in common referencing style basics

Chicago 17 A basics

The Chicago 17 'A' style:

  • uses footnotes and an alphabetical reference list
  • footnotes are used both in text and at the bottom of the page.


Chicago 17 style footnotes:

  • are used in-text to mark your citation with a superscript number
  • are numbered sequentially throughout your document
  • also appear at the bottom of the page
    • these notes provide additional information about the in-text footnote
    • the notes are placed on the same page as the in-text citation.
    • with the first line of all footnote citations indented

Chicago 17 style bibliography:

  • references are listed alphabetically by author
  • references have a hanging indent (see below bibliography example)

Create a superscript number with a keyboard shortcut:

  1.  Press Ctrl + Shift + ‘+’ (press and hold Ctrl and Shift, then press +).  
  2. Turn the superscript off when finished by pressing the same keyboard shortcut.

Examples and videos

Chicago manual of style online