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Quick Guide to Referencing: AGLC4 examples

A quick referencing guide for Pathways & Learning Support students or anyone interested in common referencing style basics


The following are law specific types of information that you may need to reference:

  • Case citation
  • Legislation citation
  • Parliamentary debates (Hansard) citation
  • Treaties

AGLC4 uses footnotes to reference. 

  • Place the footnote numbers after punctuation and at the end of each document page.
  • At the end of each footnote place a full stop.
  • You must include a 'pinpoint reference'.
    • A 'pinpoint reference' indicates the page, paragraph or section where the information is.
    • In the example below the starting page is used.
Citing case law reference example

AGLC4 examples

Citing the NSW Crimes Act of 1900 section 10B on Geographical Jurisdiction Interpretation would look like this:

     Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) s 10B.

Title of the Act or Regulation Year (Jurisdiction) Pinpoint
Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) s 10B.
Citing case law reference example
Author in-text Reference List example
1 author

Author's first name or Initial(s) Surname, Title of book (Publisher, Edition if noted,Year).                  

Jane Doe, Law Today (Evidence Incorporated, 2017).

Doe, Jane, Law Today (Evidence Incorporated, 2017)
2 or more authors as above

When there are two or more authors, only the first author's name and surname should be inverted. 

Doe, Jane and John Doe, Law Today (Evidence Incorporated, 2017)

4 or more authors Use 'et al' as above

Note when citing journals in-text use the journal title but omit the initial 'The'. 

  •  The journal title 'The Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics' becomes 
    • 'Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics'.


Author's First Name Surname, 'Title of article' (Year) Volume (Issue) Journal Name Starting page/Pinpoint.

Charles Weiger, 'The ethical analysis of risk' (2000) 28 (4) Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 344.


AGLC4 Bibliographies:

  • List all sources that you used.
    • This includes sources that you read, and those cited in the text.
  • List your references by the source material type. AGLC recommends the following source type headings:
    • Articles/Books/Reports
    • Cases
    • Legislation
    • Treaties
    • Other
  • List sources alphabetically under the appropriate heading.
  • Full stops do not follow the citation.