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Community oral histories:  Student projects

Oral histories of people in Newcastle, the Hunter Region and Lake Macquarie, NSW, Australia

Community oral histories

Oral history - local history research projects

Department of Community Programmes, University of Newcastle

This guide to the Oral History Research Projects of the Open Foundation Course (Department of Community Programmes) 1987 - 1989 held in the Newcastle University Archives, Rare Books and Special Collections Unit (now the Cultural Collections Unit) was compiled by Mrs Margaret Fryer and Mr Michael Sternbeck in February 1996 and prepared for the Web by Mr Gionni Di Gravio in April 1999.

Person Interviewed
Tape Number
Document Number
Coal Mining in the Northern Coalfield. Mr. & Mrs. Parkinson, Miner Margaret Blackman A6731/1 A6732/26 (two folders)
Mining & the development of mining towns. Bill Shepherd, Miner Grace Ermer A6731/2 A6732/31
Harry Delore's War. Harry Delore, Car dealer Monica Eichorn Not trfd Not trfd
State Dockyard Unions. Ned Andrews Nic Curk A6731/3 A6732/4
Henderson's & Sons Bakery, Weston. Ruth Hughes Ann Anderson Not trfd Not trfd
History of Seaham. Tom Wilson Rosealene Austin Not trfd Not trfd
Blackbutt Reserve Newcastle Uni. Newcastle Abattoirs. Tom Farrell, Environmental-ist and businessman Val Tripp A6731/4 A6732/12
Melvic Theatre. Bill Payne, Proprietor Diana Blaxell A6731/4B Tape only
Author of
Dawn in the Valley.
Allan Wood, Historian Mary Baker A6731/5 A6732/36
Resident's Group.
Dorothy Chesters, Secretary Anita Horton Not trfd Not trfd
Wallsend Council. Mr. Thomas, Last Mayor of Wallsend Maureen Tobin Not trfd Not trfd
Newcastle Nurseryman. Roy Whalan, Prominent Nurseryman and Commentator Robbin Hodges A6731/6 A6732/33
The Practice of Medicine in Mayfield. Dr. E.W. Ferguson, Medical Practitioner Pauline Eade A6731/7A Tape only
Greta Migrant Camp. Polish Migrants Zbigniew Kozela A6731/7B Tape only
Fluctuations in the retail industry in Cessnock. Mrs. Abercrombie, a Cessnock jeweller Anne Cowan A6731/8 A6732/1
Medowie. Mrs. Murfin, a long-time resident Barbara Beaver Not trfd Not trfd
Influence of Miners' Lodges on local community. Mick Frame, miner Robyn Cagney A6731/9 A6732/13
Portrait of Clothing Manufacturer. Miss Ruby Melville, Proprietor Evelyn Stuttaford A6731/10 A6732/24
Newcastle Dramatic Art Club. Betty Lind, Founding member Rosalind Evans A6731/11 A6732/20
A.L.P. Trade Unions - Politics. C.K. Jones, M.P. John Young A6731/12- 13 A6732/18
Two Generations of Nursing - Mater Hospital. Mother & daughter Diane Barry Not trfd Not trfd
Growing up in the Hawkesbury. George & Pat Sinclair-Wadham Vickiann Sinclair-Wadham Not trfd Not trfd
Interview with Singleton and Muswellbrook resident living during Depression. Ernest Smith (now deceased) Chris Whalan A6731/14 Tape only
Singleton children in early 1900s - a comparison of class perspectives. Gladys Shearer, Mrs. Terrey Barbara Drayton A6731/15A A6732/30
Local Government in Port Stephens Shire. Bruce MacKenzie, Former Shire President Margaret Owler A6731/15B A6732/23
Changes in the Meat Industry. Keith McGill Debbie Lewis A6731/16 A6732/22
History of Lambton. May Hoy, Historian of Lambton Kerrie Johnson A6731/16B A6732/16
A pioneering Engineering Firm, Morison & Bearby. Miss N. Morison, Daughter of founder. Carol Firth A6731/17 A6732/28
Merrion's Cardiff Bakery. A family business - changes in bakery. Eric Merrion, Proprietor Elizabeth Cox A6731/18 A6732/25
Changing treatment of T.B. [Rankin Park Hospital]. Dr. R. Mills, Chest Specialist Cheryl Newell A6731/19 A6732/27
Tanilba Bay 1940s. Clara Brown & Joan McInerney Margaret Owler A6731/20 A6732/8
Establishment of Working Womens Centre. Mary Calcott Jennifer Gregory A6731/21 A6732/9
Mayfield Telephone Exchange. Gordon Sutherland D. Patch A6731/22 A6732/42
Driving a Store bread van. Charlie Watters, driver Elizabeth Watters A6731/23 A6732/32
Nursing changes - Wallsend Hospital. Matron Narelle Punton Margaret Piefke A6731/24 A6732/29
Stockton Surf-Life Saving Club. Ray Williams, Long-standing member Suzanne Lowndes A6731/25 A6732/34
Trains History - Newcastle. Les (Casey) Jones, Train driver Hazel Paton A6731/26 A6732/19
Timber Industry - Yarramalong Valley. Reginald Bradley Janelle Talbot Not trfd Not trfd
Experiences of anaesthetist. Dr. Margaret Tyrell Carolyn McMahon Not trfd Not trfd
History of Morpeth area. Tom Hickey, Pearl Hickey Kay Davies A6731/27 + another tape A6732/15
The legal firm, Harris, Wheeler & Williams. Howard Williams & Neville Wheeler Lyn Lucas A6731/28 A6732/35
The Newcastle Repertory Theatre 1957-1987. Peter & Shirley Bloomfield, Founders Dorothy White A6731/29 A6732/5
The Toronto Bus Service. Bob Hertogs Ineke Garaty A6731/30 A6732/14
Elizabeth Kenny & her treatment of Poliomyelitis. Joe Harper (wardsman) Christine Hills Document only A6732/37
A.L.P. politics, Cardiff. Isabel Tylee Margaret Wardley Not trfd Not trfd
Coalmining - Rothbury & Branxton area. Arthur Goodwin Barbara Taylor Not trfd Not trfd
North Rothbury Mine Lock-out. Mrs. Elliot Narene Williams A6731/31 A6732/11
Australian Women's Army. Rita Borger & Mildred Baxter Christine Howard A6731/32 A6732/6
The Corner store. Mrs. Irene Lonsdale, Shopkeeper Colleen Purdy A6731/33 A6732/21
Happy Valley, Depression Camp, Coalfields. Olive Convery Patricia Neal A6731/34 A6732/10
The Newcastle Herald. James Hatlan Carmel Noonan Not trfd Not trfd
Muswellbrook Coal Company - the early days.   Chris Whalan Document only A6732/3
Lives of two pioneering women of the Hunter Valley.   Roslyn Macey Document only A6732/38
Profile on a successful, independent woman, Miss Phyllis Bennett. Phyllis Bennett Mavis Pattinson A6731/35 A6732/2
The Marks Family. [History of Lake Macquarie]. Ann Gee [member of Marks family]. Jackie Boyton A6731/36 A6732/41
[Family Life in early 20th Century at Singleton]. Mrs. Leslie - born at Singleton. Helen Adam A6731/37 Tape only
[Women in education and society - Newcastle Girls Grammar School]. Mrs. Kath. Stewart [Headmistress Newcastle Girls Grammar School 1968-1978]. Olive McCrea A6731/38 A6732/39
[Changes in Nursing Practice 1937-1987]. Kurri Hospital 1904 1939-1980. Marilyn Donn A6731/39 A6732/40
Newcastle Vietnam War Memorial. Jim Husband Gary Jolliffe A6731/40 A6732/17
Local History. Harry Boyle, Local Historian Roslyn Macey A6731/41 A6732/7
Memoirs of the Hunter Valley Timber Industry. Charles Lewis Glenda Aoake A6963 (i)(a) A6963 (i)(a)
The History of Newcastle from the 1920s. Raymond McDonagh David Alwood A6963 (i)(b) A6963 (i)(b)
Dining out [Newcastle Restaurants]. Clem Ashford Michele Ashford A6963 (ii) A6963 (ii)
Early Settlers Port Stephens Estate and Australian Agricultural Company. A. & D. Eggelton & Les. H. Savage June Bailey A6963 (iii) A6963 (iii)
A. Goninan and Co. Limited. R. Burns Lynne Bonser A6963 (iv) A6963 (iv)
Interview with Les Sternbeck about his life in Murray's Run. Les Sternbeck Mary Barnet A6963 (v) A6963 (v)
Her life during the Depression. Josephine Leis Lorna Boyd A6963 (vi) A6963 (vi)
Macedonians then and now in Newcastle. Kiril Murgev Blagoja Bozinoski Not trfd A6963 (vii)
Croatians in Newcastle. - Marica Batkovic A6963 (viii) A6963 (viii)
The ABC in Newcastle. John Bracken Helen Bracken A6963 (ix) A6963 (ix)
Toorumbee Creek Community. John Linehon Peter Blanch A6963 (x) A6963 (x)
The Rise and Fall of the Abattoir. Ross Lindsay, Terry Warnaby Shern Boogaard A6964 (i) A6964 (i)
Views of Belmont Past and Present. John Milliss Suzanne Campbell A6964 (ii) A6964 (ii)
Dominican Order of Nuns, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Sister Catarina Heffernan Raelee Caswell A6964 (iii) A6964 (iii)
Electricity in the Hunter. John A. Tubb Kim Cooper A6964 (iv) A6964 (iv)
Mosquito Island, 1916-1923. John Duggan Carmel Creasy A6964 (v) A6964 (v)
Police in Newcastle. Douglas Lithgow, Keith Parsons Glenn Crompton A6964 (vi) (two tapes) A6964 (vi)
Stephen Simpson and his trade of bootmaking. Stephen Simpson Lesley Dickinson A6964 (vii) A6964 (vii)
Tailoring in Newcastle - transcript of tape and essay. Margaret Hughes Caroline Duncan A6964 (viii) A6964 (viii)
Coal mining in the early 1950s
[Attached papers:

"Women in politics"; "History of Industrial volatility in Newcastle District coal mines";

"Was Australia Peaceably (sic) Settled or Violently Conquered?"]
Wal Partridge Chris Durie A6965 (i) A6965 (i)
The History of Shipping on the Paterson River (Assignment). Growing up in Paterson. Dick Burgess Leanne Durie A6965 (ii) A6965 (ii)
History of Morpeth. Mildred Pankhurst Helen Finegan A6965 (iii) A6965 (iii)
The History of Shipbuilding and ship repair in Newcastle. (3 documents and tape). Harry Douglas Harding Esther Galbraith A6965 (v) A6965 (v)
Morison and Bearby's Soho Foundry and Engineering Works, Carrington N.S.W. Miss A.J. "Nancy" Morison Graeme Grace A6965 (vi) A6965 (vi)
Greeks in Newcastle. (3 documents and tape). Toula Judy Gavrilis A6965 (vii) A6965 (vii)
Depression resilience. How did the Great Depression affect Newcastle? Essay: Women and education. (3 documents and tape). Doreen Maher Allen George A6965 (viii) A6965 (viii)
Belmont South. Joan Hicks Karen Hicks A6966 (i) A6966 (i)
The Early History of Awaba. Edna Mann Ronald A. Heathcote A6966 (ii)(a) A6966 (ii)(a)
Tanilba House. (3 documents and tape). Helen Taylor Suzanne Heffernan A6966 (ii)(b) A6966 (ii)(b)
The Growth of High Street and Family Business. Colin Johnston Gloria Higginbottom A6966 (iii) A6966 (iii)
The History of Mr. Dodds' retailing and manufacturing career in the tailoring and dry cleaning trade. Arthur Dodd Gail Hill A6966 (iv) A6966 (iv)
Life on the land in the Gloucester Region. Irene Phillips Raylene Hitchcock A6966 (v) A6966 (v)
The History of a Newcastle coal miner. Alan Murnain Cathy Holmes A6966 (vi) A6966 (vi)
Cordial manufacturers of Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. Ian Sherman Lynette Jackson A6966 (vii) A6966 (vii)
Allco Steel. Mr. Delbianco Angela Jankovic A6966 (viii) A6966 (viii)
Cardiff Railway Workshops. Douglas Bradford Leigh Johnston A6966 (ix) A6966 (ix)
The Country Women's Association.
Research paper: Newcastle Seaside Homes.
Barbara Bushel Sonya Jones A6966 (x) A6966 (x)
Change from trams to buses in Newcastle. Norman Kelty Tracey Kelty A6967 (i)(b) A6967(i)(b)
The History of the Boydell Family in Australia. Richard Grant Boydell (+ 2 photographs Caergwrle and Allyn River). Jeannette Lee A6967 (ii) A6967 (ii)
History and Bishops of Maitland. Rev. Fr. Harold Campbell Darryl Mackie A6967(iii)(a) A6967 (iii)(a)
Glimpses of the past from 95 years on - The Diocese of Maitland, its early beginnings. Elizabeth Woodbine John Lewis A6967(iii)(b) A6967 (iii)(b)
Green Point - Lewers Estate Area. Duncan McEwan, Pauline Keating Fiona McEwan A6967(iv) A6967(iv)
Living conditions of the Worimi Aborigines of Port Stephens before and after the appearance of the Europeans. Essay John McLachlan Document only A6967(v)
Saint Elizabeth's Girls Home, Singleton. Marlene Kennedy Jan McLeod A6967 (vi) A6967(vi)
Seamen's working conditions and their effect on Newcastle. Neville Cunningham Ian McQualter A6967 (vii) A6967 (vii)
A history of the de Glorion Family and their involvement in live theatre in Newcastle. [The Victoria Theatre]. Del de Glorion Rosemary Melville A6967 (viii) A6967 (viii)
The Newcastle and Suburban Co-operative Society. Esme Allan Christine Miller A6967 (ix) A6967 (ix)
Life and pubs in Newcastle and Cessnock. Marion Davey Grant Miles A6968 (i) A6968 (i)
Customs House, Newcastle. Captain James Fletcher Terry Muir A6968(ii)(a) A6968 (ii)(a)
Conservation and the history of the Northern Parks and Playgrounds Movement. Doug Lithgow Vicki Neech A6968(ii)(b) A6968 (ii)(b)
Domestic Science Schools - the thirties. Lottie Young Helen New A6968(iii)(a) A6968 (iii)(a)
The history of Theatres in Newcastle. Peter Whipper Jenny Nichols A6968(iii)(b) A6968 (iii)(b)
Swansea Bridges. Bill Vernon Mark Stephen Nolan A6968 (iv) A6968 (iv)
Retailing at Scott's - A Woman's View. Selma Hare and Maisie Sharp Jennifer Noseworthy A6968 (v) A6968 (v)
Working at Zaara Street Power Station from the 1920s to the early 1960s. Clarrie McLennan Louise Parker A6969 (i)(a) A6969 (i)(a)
The life of Mrs. Annie Whilamena Kelly who is of Aboriginal descent from 1909. Annie Whilamena Kelly Shay Kelly A6969(i)(b)
(two copies)
[Duplicate of
A6969 (i)(b)
(two copies)
Merewether and its Beaches. Alice Ferguson Trish Pattendon A6969 (ii) A6969 (ii)
The end of an Era: Paediatric care at the Newcastle Mater Hospital. Sister Mary Barnabas Gardiner Elaine Perry A6969 (iii) A6969 (iii)
Depression 1930s Relief Organisations and Housing. Kath Jones Bob Price A6969 (iv) A6969 (iv)
History paper on the town of Greta. Elsie Allan Valerie Randall A6969 (v) A6969 (v)
A woman growing up in the Hunter. Veronica Phillips Heather Rooney A6969 (vi) A6969 (vi)
The Seventh Day Adventists at Cooronbong. Ivy Easthope Helen Sankowsky A6969 (vii) A6969 (vii)
The emerging role of Newcastle Trades Hall Council as an active participator in the social issues of the community. Keith Wilson Nicki Saroca A6969 (viii) A6969 (viii)
Electric Lamp Manufacturers Australia Pty, Ltd. Ken Millington Janelle Schmidt A6969 (ix) A6969 (ix)
A short history on W.E. Bramble. Elizabeth Anderson Rosemary Soto A6970 (i) A6970 (i)
Single working women in the Depression. Joyce Staley Lynn Staley A6970 (ii) A6970 (ii)
John Sobb's life in retail. John Sobb Boyd Stewart A6970 (iii) A6970 (iii)
The background of a displaced person who settled in the Hunter Region. Bazil Manunczak Desmond Thomas A6970 (iv) A6970 (iv)
Young and Green. Alexander Young Tracie Thornberry A6970 (v) A6970 (v)
The growth and development of the fishing industry in Nelson Bay. Alfred Mitchell and George Pain Julie Tregarthen A6970 (vi) A6970 (vi)
John Lysaght (Australia) Limited. Clarrie Withers Ann Walker A6970 (vii) A6970 (vii)
The Dillon Family, Dungog. Vincent Dillon Ray Ward A6970 (viii)
(two tapes)
A6970 (viii)
History of Purfleet. Horry Saunders Randall Wiggers A6971 (i) A6971 (i)
The rise of environmental awareness in Australia (with reference to Barrington Tops National Park). Selby Alley David Williams A6971 (ii) A6971 (ii)
Early settlement in the Buttai-Black Hill area. Dianne Parnell Yvonne Wardell A6971 (iii) A6971 (iii)
Retailing menswear in King Street, Newcastle, 1971-1989. Sue Vandervalk Jane Wells A6971 (iv) A6971 (iv)
History of the Newcastle Printmakers Workshop. (3 documents and tape). Robin Winston Lee Williams A6971 (v) A6971 (v)
The Abermain Eisteddfod. Agnes Madeline James Lisa Maree Williams A6971 (vi) A6971 (vi)
Removal of the occupants of Coon Island. Henry and Catherine Nicholls Peter Winsor A6971 (vii) A6971 (vii)
The history of single Friendly Societies in the Hunter River Region of New South Wales. Vernon Wong-See Frank Woodgate A6971 (viii) A6971 (viii)
[A7462 (i) - (iv):
not assigned]
Hotel-keeping in Singleton. Mrs. Kit Foggo Christine Abrahams A7462(v) A7462 (v)
The Port of Newcastle. Sidney Alexander Ayerst Pamela Walters A7462(vi) A7462 (vi)
Women in Newcastle Industries during World War II. Kathleen Blackett Jodie Calvert A7462(vii) A7462 (vii)
Greta Migrant Camp 1949-1958. William Williamson Julie Kay A7462(viii) A7462 (viii)
Immigration of displaced persons to Australia - Greta camp. Elly Slechter Cynthia Barker A7462(ix) A7462 (ix)
The Salvation Army. Mrs. Phyllis Foster Regina Bollinger A7462(x) A7462 (x)
A brief history of Toronto. George Woodman Anne Woodman A7462(xi) A7462 (xi)
The rise and fall of communist control of the Federated Ironworkers Association in Newcastle. Thomas Graham Anne Dunne A7462(xii) A7462 (xii)
Coalmining, Rothbury and Miners Federation. Francis Joseph Manning Lucyna Manning A7462(xiii) A7462 (xiii)
Changes in railways. Leonard John Young Kerrie Young A7462(xiv) A7462 (xiv)
RAAF Base Williamtown. Keith Sullivan Sharon Foster A7462(xv) A7462 (xv)
Charlestown: from mining village to commercial centre. Ada W. Pickering Lorraine Slaven A7462(xvi) A7462 (xvi)
Life of Mrs. Lantry and the changes in the Morpeth area. Mrs. Mary Lantry Jill Nean A7462(xvii) A7462 (xvii)
Newcastle State Dockyard 1942-1962. John Aubin Mark Perriman A7462(xviii) A7462 (xviii)
Memoirs of The Maitland Show. Robert P. Johnston Jane Guy A7463(i) A7463 (i)
The Masonite factory, Raymond Terrace. David Bowtell Dorothy Harrison A7463(ii) A7463 (ii)
William Arnott. The man and his factory till 1908. Doris Piper Margaret Probert A7463(iii) A7463 (iii)
Coal-miners of the Hunter Valley. Clyde Jones and Mick Jurd Wendy Stuart A7463(iv) A7463 (iv)
150 years farming at Phoenix Park/Morpeth. Thomas Wright Yvonne Eggins A7463(v) A7463 (v)
A decade in the Newcastle State Dockyard 1966-1976. Jim Smith Robyn Sanderson A7463(vi) A7463 (vi)
Greta Migrant Camp and Newcastle. Anna Buldecki Katherine Granter A7463(vii) A7463 (vii)
History of Greeks in Newcastle. Bob Tsousis and Michael Karaberidis Susan Karaberidis A7463(viii) A7463 (viii)
Coal mining. John Ambler and John Redding Lori Cummings A7463(ix) A7463 (ix)
Ship Building industry in the Manning District. Claude Mann Collene Braye A7463(x) A7463 (x)
Stockton - transport as an issue for resident action. Terry Callan Carol Plooy A7463(xi) A7463 (xi)
(report; no transcript)
Highlights of Joy Cummings whilst Lord Mayor of Newcastle. Ray Cummings Phyllis Southall A7463(xii) A7463 (xii)
Life in the country 1890-1910. Miss Eva Stott Ann Fenwick A7463(xiii) A7463 (xiii)
[A7463 (xiv):
not assigned]
Newcastle State Dockyard. Frank Neat Natalie Sanderson A7463(xv) A7463 (xv)
Family Planning Assoc. of NSW. Ms Joy Gageler Heather Hancock A7463(xvi) A7463 (xvi)
History of Newcastle. Mrs. Ross Paul Vella A7463(xvii) A7463 (xvii)
Newcastle Herald. James Edward Hattam Carmel Noonan A7463(xviii) A7463 (xviii)
[A7464 (i) - (ii):
not assigned]
Richmond Vale Railway.   Annette Young Document only A7464 (iii)
Newcastle Gas Company Limited 1866-1987.   David Neighbour Document only A7464 (iv)
[A7464 (v):
not assigned]
Background to the MacLaren's life in Hunter Region of West Wallsend and Morisset. Mr & Mrs Don MacLaren Dorothy Reading Document only A7464 (vi)
The Growth of Morisset. Mary France Angela Bentley A7464(vii) A7464 (vii)
[A7464 (viii):
not assigned]
History of the Mine Subsidence Board.   Joanne Rose Document only A7464 (ix)
The Friends of Wallsend Hospital. Miss Janet Budge Lyn Davies A7464(x) A7464 (x)
Seaham. Lucy Ralston Margo Wilkinson A7464(xi) Tape only
History of Winns Ltd - Oct. 1879 to Jan. 1980. Two former employees Gwyneth Robertson Document only A7464 (xii)
Mayfield 1910-1920. Impact of BHP. Bertha Bathurst Downie Judith Hughes Document only A7464 (xiii)
Federated Ironworkers Association. Hugh McCarthy Allan Foster A7464(xiv) A7464 (xiv)
History of E.H. Blatchford. Doris Blatchford Mladen Lazic A7464(xv) A7464 (xv)
The Great Depression. Victor A. Stamford Maureen Jane Sinclair A7464(xvi) A7464 (xvi)
Women at work in industry during World War II. Moia DeMartin Jeanette Dixon A7464(xvii) A7464 (xvii)
Newcastle State Dockyard. Miss Betty Wilkinson Ann Noud A7464(xviii) A7464 (xviii)
Family History. Hilma Maybury Michael Williams A7464(xix) A7464 (xix)
History of Raymond Terrace and the dairy industry. Mrs. Linda Poole Doug Biddle A7464(xx) A7464 (xx)
Newcastle Harbour. Captain Ken Hopper Kathy Beautement A7465(i) A7465 (i)
Jerry's Plains. Elsie Ball Christine Lamborn A7465(ii) A7465 (ii)
Ryland Brothers Proprietory Limited. Ken McTaggert Anne McTaggert A7465(iii) A7465 (iii)
Trams and the Hunter Street Mall. Len Smith
Emily Mahoney
Stella Smith
Linda Murray A7465(iv) A7465 (iv)
Nobby's Signal Station. Barrie Baker Carmel Baker A7465(v) A7465 (v)
The emancipation and recognition gained by women in the twentieth century. Rosemary Simpson Loraine Haywood A7465(vi) A7465 (vi)
The 1949 Coal Miners Strike. Mrs. Eileen Penglaze Susan Moran A7465 (vii) A7465 (vii)
Newspaper reporting in the Hunter during the Depression. Mrs. Jean Chapman Robert Kerr A7465(viii) A7465 (viii)
Latham family history. James Arthur Latham Andrea Keirs A7465(ix) A7465 (ix)
Changes in Newcastle's East End. Alf Sargeant Jill Dorey A7465(x) A7465 (x)
Teralba and Stockton Borehole. Wilfred Dews John Donkin A7465(xi) A7465 (xi)
The Story of Greta and James Boland. M. & J. Speight David Helmers A7465(xii) A7465 (xii)
History of Fort Scratchley. Ted Pricter David Latimore A7465(xiii) A7465 (xiii)
Immigration and Newcastle. James Woodward, Anna Violet Woodward and Gisela Noll Stephen Garz A7465(xiv) A7465 (xiv)
History of education in New South Wales in the Twentieth Century. Mrs. Mildred Storer, B.A. Cathy Abra A7465(xv) A7465 (xv)
The emerging role of Residents Groups as a necessary balance at the "grass roots" of local politics. Joyce Bond Jan Reynolds A7465(xvi) A7465 (xvi)
Vineyards in the Lower Hunter Valley. Megan Cooke Cindy Ryan A7465(xvii) A7465 (xvii)
The 1930's Depression: Life in Dungog. William Tickle Gai Shelton A7465(xviii) A7465 (xviii)
Changes in Post-WWII housing in the Hunter. Larry Short Helen Whitehouse A7465(xix) A7465 (xix)
Early apprenticeships in hairdressing, Newcastle. Gordon Edwards Jo Fenwick A7465(xx)
(two tapes)
A7465 (xx)
Stevedoring industry in Newcastle. Carlton George Parrott Carolyn Brent A7466a(i) A7466a (i)
Baker's Bakery and the origin of the family. Frank Baker Jnr Julie Guion A7466a(ii) A7466a (ii)
Women employed at "The Store". Melissa Cameron Maureen Tobin A7466a(iii) A7466a (iii)
[A7466a (iv):
not assigned]
Rankin Park Hospital. Beryl Clinton Dan Ryan A7466a(v) A7466a (v)
A Cessnock Business Woman. Marjorie Brown Sue Brown A7466a(vi) A7466a (vi)
Coal Shipping in the Port of Newcastle. Mr. D.F. Gray Maureen Wilson A7466a(vii) A7466a (vii)
The Depression. Ernie & Ellen Fenly Ann Cummings A7466a(viii) A7466a (viii)
The Life of Elizabeth Madden. Elizabeth Madden Stephen Scrogings A7466a(ix) A7466a (ix)
Kurri Kurri in the beginning. Dorothy May Temperley Patricia Cowen A7466a(x) A7466a (x)
The Great Depression. May March Judy Johnston A7466a(xi) A7466a (xi)
Local Government in Maitland 1962-83. Fran Dawson OAM Narelle Penman A7466a(xii) A7466a (xii)
Early shipping and shipbuilding in the Hunter Valley. Mr. R.L. Ford Ian Walker A7466a(xiii) A7466a (xiii)
Newcastle State Dockyard 1955-1987. Jim Carter Margaret Rees A7466a(xiv) A7466a (xiv)
[two folders]
How one man survived during the Depression. Joe Chappell Enid Ross A7466a(xv) A7466a (xv)
History of Seaham and family connection. Alexander William McDonald Anne Louise Austin A7466a(xvi) A7466a (xvi)
Nursing at the Mater Thirty Years Ago. Sister Barnabas Sarah Willis A7466b(i) A7466b (i)
Life and times. Annie McGregor Margaret Logvyn A7466b(ii) A7466b (ii)
Career of a female radio personality. Mrs. Twink Story Leonie Milgate A7466b(iii) A7466b (iii)
Working for the Bank of New South Wales. Edward Swinton Melissa Withers A7466b(iv) A7466b (iv)
[A7466b (v):
not assigned]
Stockton. Don Sheriff Charles Freeman A7466b(vi) Tape only
Mining - the Changes. Ben Gumbleton Edith McArthur A7466b(vii) Tape only
Steggles Bros and Henny Penny. Bruce Steggles Susan Meldrum Docu-ment only A7466b (viii)
Local Shipwrecks. Terry Callen Danielle Robertson A7466b(ix) Tape only
Colliery Strikes. Joseph Cummings Meghan Johnson Document only A7466b (x)
Linsley Bus Company 1943-86. Fred Linsley Jnr Julie Gray Document only A7466b (xi)
Family Life in Newcastle 1905-1928. Mrs. M. Gam Shane Harris Document only A7466b (xii)
Sulphide Corporation, Cockle Creek. Lester Miller Tony Miller Document only A7466b (xiii)
Destitute Women in Maitland. Winifred Nealy Barbara Wills Document only A7466b (xiv)
How effectively did Aboriginal people resist the European invasion of their country? - David Latimore Document only A7466b (xv)
Why have so few women been involved in politics in Australia? - Christopher Veitch Document only A7466b (xvi)
- Eileen Doyle - Document only A7466b (xvii)
Life in the Great Depression. May Hoy? Karen Rae Document only A7466b (xviii)
Women who dared. Sister Constance Casey R.S.M. Mary Guy Document only A7466b(xix)
Nursing from 1929-1978. Miss Mary Knodler Jill Alcorn Document only A7466b (xx)
Their history. Mrs. Alice Ellis and Mrs. Ruth Croll Margaret Hudson Document only A7466b(xxi)

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