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University of Newcastle Library

Ourimbah Information Common OIC:  Printing

24/7 Access to computers, printers, scanners, photocopiers and more at the Ourimbah Library

Costs of Printing

Costs of Printing

Printer A4 Single Sided A4 Double Sided A3 Single Sided A3 Double Sided
Black & White $0.11 $0.18 $0.22 $0.36
Colour $0.40 $0.76 $0.80 $1.52

How to Print

How to Print & Printer Locations


Printing from the Windows Desktop Computers

  • Click File button (top left corner of screen)
  • Click Print
  • Select Printer - either  Black & White or Colour /A3 as required
Location Black & White A4 Colour, A4 & A3
Library - Ground Floor           Ourimbah Library BW Ourimbah Library Colour+A3
OIC Print Area Ourimbah OIC BW Ourimbah OIC Colour+A3
Lab 2.26 (Nyte Bytes) Ourimbah PC Lab BW Ourimbah PC Lab Colour+A3


  • Select page range and copies
  • Click OK
  • Check charges (see the Cost List above) are correct
  • Release Job from Print Pop-up box on PC
  • Collect Job from requested printer


Printing from Apple Macintosh Computer (located in OIC)

  • Click File button (top left corner of screen)
  • Select printer either Ourimbah OIC BW (black & white) or Ourimbah OIC Colour+A3 (Colour)
  • Click Print
  • Select page range and copies
  • Click the Print button
  • The printer icon on the dock will jump, click on it to bring up the Monitor Print Popup
  • Check charges (see cost list above) are correct
  • Select the print job and click the Print button
  • Collect Job from requested printer (in the OIC print room)

TAFE Quick Print PC

The dedicated TAFE PCs are not connected to library printers.

If you wish to print -  save your document to a USB, and print from the USB via the TAFE Quick Print PC (located under library stairs).

Instructions are on the TAFE Quick Print PC  or Ask staff @ the Service Zone.

Note: Ourimbah TAFE students have access to UON PCs and printing.


Printing from the Library or Your Personal Laptops

You can print from the library laptops in the same way as from the library desktop PCs as instructed above.

Printing from your personal laptop is available through UoNPrint at

For how to use the UONPrint, the instruction is available at: