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How Do I ...

How do I do the followings...





How to print single sided instead of double sided?

  1. File > Print
  2. Select your printer
  3. Select "Page Range"
  4. Select "Print One Sided"
  5. Click Print
  6. Check charges are correct
  7. Click "OK" to release the print job to the printer
  8. Collect job from Printer

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How do I print A3 instead of A4?

  1. File > Print
  2. Select the HP5525 Colour Printer
  3. Under "Settings" select A3 instead of A4
  4. Click Print
  5. Check charges are correct
  6. Click "OK" to release the print job to the printer
  7. Collect job from Printer
  8. Note:For black and white printing click "Printing Properties" under the printer selection box, click the "Colour" tab and tick the "print in grayscale" check box, then click "OK"
  9. Note: If original document isn't in A3 format, printing may not be the same as displayed on PC screen. For this click the "page layout" tab the click on "size" under the "page setup" section and select A3.

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Can I print more than one PowerPoint Slide to a page?

  1. File > Print
  2. Select your printer
  3. Select "Full Page Slides"
  4. Select the number of slides per page (e.g. 3 or 6)
  5. Click Print
  6. Check charges are correct
  7. Click "OK" to release the print job to the printer
  8. Collect job from Printer

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Where can I book a Group Study Room?

  1. Click HERE
  2. Click the library at which you would like to book a study room
  3. Select your preferred date
  4. Select your preferred time and room (please note - not all rooms/slots are always available)
  5. Click "Continue"
  6. Enter required booking details - Name, Email, Group name, Student number
  7. Click "Confirm"
  8. A confirmation email will be sent to the address entered in the previous steps
  9. Please check your email for details of your booking

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How do I make a PDF?

  1. From any document or scanned image
  2. File > Print
  3. Select "Adobe PDF" as the Printer
  4. Click Print
  5. Choose where you wish to save the PDF (Desktop or USB Stick)

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How do I convert PDF to MS WORD?

  1. Open a PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro
  2. Edit > Edit Text Images
  3. Click Export file in the menu that just popped up and then choose MS Word
  4. Choose where you wish to save the Word document(Desktop or USB Stick)

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How do I combine multiple PDF files into a single PDF file?

  1. Open a PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro
  2. File > Create
  3. Select "Combine Files into Single PDF"
  4. Click "Add" or drag and drop files into the box that appears
  5. Sort order of files using - "Move Up", "Move Down" or "Remove"
  6. Click "Combine Files"
  7. Choose where you wish to save the final PDF (Desktop or USB Stick)
  8. Note: This is not available in Adobe Reader, but is available on the OIC computers

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I just added Credit but it's still saying "Insufficient Funds to Print"?

  1. Make sure you've followed these instructions when adding funds
  2. Swipe your card (again) in Monitor to make sure the credit is there
  3. Important: Always press the "Finish" button after adding credit
  4. Note: Always good to use the machine in the Library and get a receipt
  5. Go back to the computer you're on, save your work.
  6. Log Off, then Log On to the machine (sometimes Monitor needs a reboot to realise the new credits)
  7. If you're still having problems, please see a Library IT Rover for assistance

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My PDF is taking ages to print and telling me its "Flattening..."?

  1. This usually means your PDF has lots of big pictures and colour that's hard to process
  2. Let the PDF flatten - this can take some time depending on the size of the file
  3. Printing will also be a little slower than normal
  4. Please be patient, it will print
  5. If you're still having problems, please see a Library IT Rover for assistance

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How do I provide feedback to the University about my experience?

  1. The university welcomes your feedback!
  2. Just click on Ask UoN to fill out the online form

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How do I print from Foodworks?

1. Click on "print".
2. From the "Printer" dropdown box select "Microsoft Document Image Writer".
3. In "Print theses sections", select (ie tick) "Description", "Foods", "Analysis Summary", "EAR", "RDI" and 'Graph".
4. For "Include in Analysis Table", select "All Nutrients"
5. For NRVs, Ratios and & Goals include ": tick both "graphs" and "tables" .
6. You can click on "Design Graphs" to select how you want each graph to look.
7. Tick "Compact layout for foods" and "Force landscape for wide tables".
8. For copies, Number of copies select "1"
9. Then click "OK"
10. A "Saves as" box appears. Then either
- Create a "FSHN1020" folder in "My documents" if there isn't one already. Make sure your filename is unique. Then save your filetothe"FSHN1020" folder. You can then send this file to yourself by email and /or USB memory stick.
OR - Save the results to your USB memory stick.OR -Save to desktop & Print.

Finally the print job is likely to come out in a letter format so make sure to set to A4 print size.

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How do I print from Smart Notebook?

You can export to .pdf or PowerPoint and then print from there, i.e.

  1. Save your work first then
  2. File > Export > PDF
  3. At this point, before printing there are options similar to PowerPoint:
    • previews and prints in thumbnail, handout and full page formats;
    • headers, footers and page numbers can also be added at this stage.
    • Landscape and portrait options are available via tick box on the PDF setup tab.

Alternatively: File > Export > PPT. Save as PowerPoint and everything print related will be accessed through PowerPoint menus.

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How do I locate a specific software program on campus?

  1. Login to a university PC
  2. Double click on Student Utilities from the PC desktop
  3. Click on Software Finder from the pop up window
  4. Click on the software you are after from the left side of the pop up box, eg MYOB
  5. Click the Search Database button at the bottom
  6. The locations of the software are displayed on the right side of the box

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Can I scan something that is size A3?

  1. Using the Photocopier / MFD in the OIC 24/7
  2. Insert your USB stick just to the right of the start button (side of photocopier)
  3. On the display screen (left hand side) select A3 paper size on the graphic of the photocopier
  4. Select Scan from the Menu Buttons
  5. On the Scan screen select File/USB
  6. Unselect the MPF (Should turn from blue to white)
  7. Select USB Media (Should turn from white to blue)
  8. Make sure under File Format PDF is showing in blue
  9. (Optional) Press Preview to preview your scan
  10. Press Scan
  11. When scan is done press Finish
  12. A message at the bottom of the screen will tell you to remove your USB stick
  13. Your A3 scan will be a PDF document on your USB stick!

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Can I connect my iDevice or Android to the Computers to transfer files?

  1. You can give it a try but mostly, no it wont work.
  2. Why? Because there are special drivers needed for each and every device and they cant ALL be installed.
  3. How can I transfer files then...?
  4. (a) Hard Way - Sometimes you can turn your device into a USB drive in settings, when connected it looks like a standard USB drive
  5. (b) Easy Way - Email it to yourself, open the email and copy to the computer

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How can I convert my Movie Maker Movie to something other than WMV (Eg. A DVD Movie)?

  1. Save As your project, giving it a name
  2. Publish your project as HD video/Readable on your Computer
  3. You will now have a WMV movie file
  4. Go to the Start Menu > All Programs > Windows DVD Maker
  5. Follow the instructions
  6. The Hard Way...
  7. Use an online CODEC - search Google for "How to convert WMV to"

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How do I convert a PowerPoint into a PDF with 3 slides per page?

1. Open the PowerPoint presentation and click on File > Save As.
2. Choose Save as Type > Adobe PDF.
3. If you want to change the formatting choose the Options tab
4. To print 3 slides to a page choose Publish What > Handouts
5. Then choose how many slides to a page you need.
6. Press save and the PowerPoint will be converted to a PDF with 3 slides per page

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How do I find the cover sheet for my assignment

Assignment cover sheets can be found at the Forms and Guides page under the Assessment and Exams folder at:

To find the cover sheet:

1. Go to the Current Students page at:

2. Click on theForms and guideslink in the Study Essentials box

3. On the Forms and Guides page clinck the + button next to the Assesments and Exams

4. Choose the cover sheet from the list of the forms.

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How do I print a Turnitin Originality Report / Digital Receipt?

You need to save/download the originality report first, then print from the pdf of the report.

To do so:

  1. Click the Originality Report icon in the similarity column to open it in a new window
  2. Click the Print/Download icon at the bottom left of the window
  3. Set up the current view with or without the GradeMark
  4. Select “Download PDF of current view for printing”
  5. Open the downloaded report in pdf and print from there

You can download and print the digital receipt in the same way as listed above.


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