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The Mayfield Website was created in 1995 to provide primary historical source materials such as early printed accounts, pioneer letters, oral history transcriptions, photographs, maps and plans on the little known history of the Newcastle, NSW suburb.

Mayfield website


Finding Aid for the Scholey-Upfold Family Papers


A7766 (i) News clipping book including clippings relating to Waratah Municipal Council, original Mayfield land sale, Death of Stephen Scholey, St Alphonsus, Maitland District Council, Maitland Hospital and E.C. Close, Waratah Flower Show, Lord Carrington’s Visit, Jesse Ireland, Four Mayors of New South Wales including J. Scholey and G.W. Webb. June 1867 – February 1888

A7766 (ii) Newsclipping book (given to Marion Scholey Faulkner by Agnes Scholey) including clippings, plans and documents relating to land sales, company balance sheets and reports, Victoria Theatre, Waratah, coal mining interests, Maitland, William Arnott, Cathedral cemetery, Bishops. June 1898 – March 1908.

A7767 (i) Wages book containing articles and memoranda relating to Sydney Soap and Candle Works Newcastle and Sydney, soap plants and the manufacture of soap and lubricant products. June 1886 – November 1895.

A7767 (ii) [Handwritten bound manuscript] Report on the Western Mineral Estate of Mr John Scholey Esq. Parishes of Cessnock and Ellalong County of Northumberland N.S.W. by Rich Thomas M.E. 2nd February 1904 .

A7767 (iii) [Handwritten bound manuscript] Report on the Eastern Mineral Estate of Mr John Scholey Esq. Parishes of Stanford, Cessnock and Mulbring County of Northumberland N.S.W. by Rich Thomas M.E. 2nd February 1904.

A7767 (iv) R.W. Upfold’s copy of The Geology of the Hunter River Coal Measures, New South Wales with Maps, Plates and Sections by T.W. Edgeworth David. Part 1. General Geology, and the Development of the Greta Coal Measures. Sydney: W.A. Gullick, Government Printer, 1907.

A7767 (v) J.Scholey’s copy of The Geology of the Hunter River Coal Measures, New South Wales with Maps, Plates and Sections by T.W. Edgeworth David. Part 1. General Geology, and the Development of the Greta Coal Measures. Sydney: W.A. Gullick, Government Printer, 1907.

A7768 (i) Scrap album containing news clippings and notes c.1878 – 1967 relating to St Andrews Church Mayfield, Christchurch Cathedral, Mayfield Fire Station, John Scholey’s Funeral, Proposed Steelworks site, heraldry; photographs of St Andrews Church Waratah (Mayfield) c.1895, house in North Waratah (now Mayfield), Anne Spink who married Stephen Scholey, Anne and John Scholey; Invitation cards for functions and banquets for J. Scholey ca.1888.

A7768 (ii) Copy of “Richmond Vale. Its Surroundings, and Resources” Walter Benns & Co. Lith., Newcastle [c.1890].

A7768 (iii) Various newspapers articles relating to Newcastle and Mayfield history; BHP, [c.1890] – 1987.

A7768 (iv) Photographs and news clippings relating to Walter Drowley Filmer and pioneering work in X-rays, [c.1900] – 1985.

A7768 (v) Copy of : “The Story of 50 yrs’ Successful Business W.Winn & Co. Est. 1876.” Newcastle, [1927].

A7768 (vi) Documents relating to the opening of the Hawkesbury Bridge including copy of “Souvenir of the Opening of the Hawkesbury Bridge 1st May 1889. Sydney: Charles Potter, Government Printer, Phillip Street, 1889”, programme and menu.

A7768 (vii) Legal documents 1881 - 1908:

Abstract of The Title of John Scholey of Newcastle, To Land at Mayfield, Near Newcastle. James Dart Newcastle. 1881. [Original]

Miner’s Right Issued to John Scholey 31st December 1888. [Original]

Conveyance 4th January 1889 between John Scholey of Waratah and Felix Kabat of Melbourne and John Richard Rigg of Newcastle to land situate in the parishes of Stockrington and Mulbring. No. 645 Book 405 Signed 17th January 1889. [Typed copy]

Agreement re Managership Dated 18th November 1891. The Sydney Soap and Candle Company Ltd with Robert Upfold. [Original]

Agreement. Dated 15th July 1903 between The Sydney Soap and Candle Company Limited and Robert Wallace Upfold. [Original]

The Sydney Soap and Candle Company Ltd Directors’ Report and Balance Sheet for half year ending 31st March 1905. [Original]

The Sydney Soap and Candle Company Ltd Directors’ Report and Balance Sheet for 30th September 1908. [Original]

Will of John Scholey [n.d.] [Typescript by Sandra Twining]

A7768 (viii) Photograph “Mayfield Waratah NSW 1895”

A7768 (ix) Photograph and Programme relating to J.Rupert’s Pupils’ Recital King’s Hall Newcastle Monday 18th June 1923.


A7768 (x) Programmes, Field State and Order of Parade relating to the Visit of the Fleet of the United States of America to New South Wales Centennial Park Sydney 24th August 1908.

A7768 (xi) Photographs, newsclippings and papers relating to the Sydney Soap and Candle Company Limited works at Waratah, Newcastle N.S.W., 1880 – 1984.

A7768 (xii) Photograph of Susie Ritchie (Scholey) and two children, Florence and [?] with family home in background. [c.1890s]


A7769 (i) Excerpts from The Illustrated Sydney News and Town and Country Journal February 1868 – March 1868; Engraving of Ceremony of Turning of the First Turf of the First Railway in Australia 3rd July 1850 from Supplement to Sydney Mail October 1877. Jubilee Souvenir entitled “The Royal Circle at Windsor (Four Generations)”.

A7769 (iii) Folder containing memorial, greeting, menu, merit, prize and birthday cards 1847 - 1907; photograph of painting that hung in drawing room of house in Woodstock Street Mayfield n.d.; Braille material (being two letters written in 1851 by Stephen Scholey's nephew, Stephen Scholey, who was blinded in an accident around the age of 8 and later became a Professor of Music); Presentation of Colours 1st Battalion 2nd Australian Infantry Regiment 23rd August 1908; news clippings 1931 – 1963.

A7769 (iv) Correspondence 1827 – 1908, including:

Dying man’s advice to family dated Monday 19th March 1827. According to Sandra Twining the advice is that of William Spink (Ann Spink's father).

Stephen Scholey, Holbeck to John Scholey, Holbeck, Leeds, dated 20th June 1828.


Letter from R(achel) Spink, Duggleby Yorkshire to cousin (i.e., Anne Spink) Chapel Town, Leeds 10th March 1838.

Letter from John Spink, Leeds to his brother and sister, dated 15th February 1855.


Letter from Mathew Mary Moss, Church Street, Dobson Yard, Holbeck to Brother and Sister, 9 Nov. 1856.

Letter from [Sam Wallace] East Maitland to John [Scholey] dated 13 January 1860.


Letter from Henry Child, Leeds to brother, sister, nephew and niece, 18 January 1860.

Letter from Henry Child, No. 8 Darby Street North Street Leeds, to Brother dated 22 January 1860.

Note recording the purchase of 600 head of cattle at Northumberland Hotel Maitland by James N. Brunker and Stephen Scholey 13 December 1861.

Letter from Henry Child, Leeds to Brother 18 April 1862.


Letter from John Spink to his sister Ann, dated [16 July 1865?] and envelop addressed to “Mr Stephen Scholey Cattle Dealer East Maitland New South Wales Australia”, post marked “Leeds 17 Dec 66” and “Sydney Feb 15 1867”.

Plan of Allotments of Land Known as the Market Square in the City of Newcastle N.S.W. D.T. Bishop Auctioneer. Day of Sale 26 July 1869.

Letter from Jane Spink to her sister in law Mrs Ann Scholey, East Maitland, New South Wales, dated [24] April 1882.

Letter from A. Maude Soulsby to John Scholey dated 31 July 1895.

[Sydney Soap and Candle Company Limited.] Receipt of Mr J.R. Bennie “Bought of Townson & Mercer, Manufacturers of Chemical & Scientific Apparatus”, dated 15th August 1895.

[Sydney Soap and Candle Company Limited] Chemical recipe for production of Match Heads dated May 21st 1897.

Letter from Wm Spink to cousin dated 1st November 1899.

Calling card of Mr W.E. North Smith to John Scholey Esq. Mayfield, Waratah New South Wales, Australia, postmarked December 7th 1899.

Letter card from Tasmania from Sara E. Wertheimer to R. Upfold Esq. Soap Works Waratah N.S. Wales.

[Sydney Soap and Candle Company Limited.] Letter [draft?] from [R.W.U.], Waratah, to father, dated 25th November 1908.

Letter from Jane Spink to sister [undated].

Sydney Soap and Candle Company Limited. Two recipes for soap scents “Australian Bouquet” and “Pears” [undated].

A7769 (v) Scholey Family Photographs 1878 - 1964:

May Scholey [n.d.] C. Leibinger Photographic Artist Newcastle N.S.W.

Mrs Frances Spink, Scaboro. Beckett & Willis Photos. Scarboro.

Woman [unidentified] Albert Lomer Artist Photographer Queen Street Brisbane.

Unidentified Woman from the Scholey Upfold Papers - Click for a larger image

Sir Henry Parkes . Sydney & Melbourne Photographic Company (Late Freeman Bros.) Sydney.

Sir Henry Parkes - Click for a larger image

William Spink. Inskip Photo Scarboro & Sheffield.

[Anne Scholey?] A. Smithers Photographic Artist Hunter Street Newcastle.

Anne Scholey? - Click for a larger image

Richard Spink, Scarbrough. Braithwaite Photographer Leeds.

Margaret Child (maiden name Scholey) Leeds. Luscumbe, Hunslet Road Leeds.

John Scholey, August 31st 1878.

Two photographs of unidentified “Welcome ceremony” c.1900.

Two photographs of unidentified gathering. c.1900.

St Andrew’s Church Mayfield c.1910.

Two women at Wedding “Margaret & Margaret, Alloreh 1964.”

Alf Glasson “To Robert With Compliments Bro. A St G. Glassins 28/12/08”. Capt. Glasson was friend of fathers - M. Faulkner.

Alf Glasson and wife Kate with pen notation “Yours Very Sincerely Alf & Kate Glasson 20/4/14.”

Two photographs of “Coffee Pot” Train that ran between Toronto and Fassifern.

Newcastle Bowling Club 31st October 1895.

Waratah Municipal Council Chambers


Photograph of Grave. [Pencil Annotation on back of Photograph states "Think this is Grandmother Scholey's grave East Maitland" - Sandra Twining believes it is not the grave at East Maitland and could possibly be a Greaves Grave.]

Grave - Click for larger image

Shipwreck of the Steamer 'City of Newcastle' on the cliffs under King Edward Park, Newcastle. September 1878.

Grave - Click for larger image

A7770 (i) Photographs of Sydney Soap and Candle Company Works Waratah, Newcastle New South Wales. (8 images)

A7770 (ii) Exercise book (owned by Anne Scholey?) containing diary entries; newclippings relating to legal matters including mining applications and “claim jumping” issues; handwritten copies of legal documents. April 1914 – January 1925.

A7770 (iii) [Manuscript] Chemical recipe book for use in the manufacture of various soaps, scents and compounds. [c.1890]

A7770 (iv) [Manuscript] Small Travel Diary of Mr John Scholey, with entries covering the period 1856 – 1861.

A7770 (v) [Manuscript] [Cover Title: John Scholey’s Book 1860.] Diary of John Scholey begun on the 18th January 1860 to April 23rd 1860, with sundry entries to 1866.


A7770 (vi) [Manuscript] Diary of Mary Spink, 1830.

A7770 (vii) [Artefact] Two prints on parchment:

Sydney Total Abstinence Benefit Society Established Jan 4th 1841


Australian Total Abstinence Society Established September 1st 1838, which reads: “I agree to abstain from all intoxicating Drinks Except taken as Medicine or at the Sacrament.”

Located in Rare Book Serials Cabinet

Three journals owned by "Clara Upfold, Mayfield" and relating to Federation:

Sydney Mail Jan 1st 1901 Commonwealth Number

Souvenir of the Inauguration of the Australian Commonwealth

The Town and Country Journal January 5th 1901 Commonwealth Number.

Supplementary Upfold Family papers donated by Mrs Barbara Sharp 1st June 2001

A7770 (viii) Papers relating to Upfold Family history research including information on Crebert and Blundell families with original copy of “How Soap is Made” Published by Sydney Soap and Candle Co. Ltd Works: Waratah, Newcastle [n.d.] and original “Torondale” Ladies’ School report card of Miss Linda Upfold for Quarter ending 31st December 1915.

A7770 (ix) File containing recipes for making soaps, face creams and floor polish (ca.1932); photocopies relating to Sydney Soap and Candle Company Ltd and Mr Chas. Upfold; Original Specification of Charles Upfold, of Newcastle, in the Colony of New South Wales, Soap Manufacturer, for his invention intituled: “An improved Composition to be used for the Destruction of Noxious Insects and the prevention and cure of Blight and such like Diseases that attack Fruit and other Trees”. Dated 21st August 1889; Memo from Walter C. Green of Allandale Vineyards, Allandale, Hunter River. Dated 21st April 1894.

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