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Law: Secondary Sources: Parliamentary papers

Find secondary sources for law

Parliamentary papers

Parliamentary papers

  • Also known as extrinsic materials.
  • Assist in the interpretation of legislation.

Explanatory memoranda (EM)

  • Also called an explanatory note.
  • A clause by clause outline of a Bill in plain English.
  • Assists to understand the proposed legislation, its objectives and the detailed operation of a Bill. 

Second Reading Speech (2RS)

  • Contains an explanation of the purpose or the rationale of a Bill.


  • The official report of the debates and proceedings of Parliament. 

Parliamentary Committee Reports 

  • It is sometimes necessary to refer a Bill to a committee which specialises in the subject area of a Bill.
  • The advisory report can provide valuable information about historical legislative changes.

Key Australian resources

Key international resources

Key Australian Resources

Key international resources

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