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Law: Legislation: Search tips

Find legislative resources.

Finding legislation

Legislation by title 

  • Use the Browse function to search for current and repealed Acts when you know the correct name of an Act or regulation. 
  • Ensure you check the currency statement of the Act and take note of any unincorporated amendments.  

Legislation by topic‚Äč

  • To find relevant legislation on a topic start with secondary sources. .
  • Find a relevant subject specific commentary service or textbook as they will identify key legislation.  
  • Use the advanced search option in the authorised databases.
  • Think of relevant keywords and subject headings.
  • Use the connector AND to narrow a search; example assault AND battery.
  • Use the connector OR to broaden a search; example youth OR adolescent.
  • Apply search limits like jurisdiction or date.

Tracing the history of legislation

Statutes annotations     

  • Statutes annotations enable you to trace the history of an Act including:
    • its Bill form
    • the date(s) of the second reading speeches
    • when the Act was passed
    • when the Act commenced
    • how the Act has been amended since it was originally passed
    • whether an Act has been repealed

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