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Law: Case Law: Find case law commentary

A Library Guide to support students and staff of the University of Newcastle in finding Case Law

Legal commentary

What is legal commentary?

  • Secondary sources of law describe, summarise, explain, analyse or critique the law and are collectively referred to as legal commentary.
  • Assist in locating and understanding the relevant primary sources of law (case law and legislation) by often providing references to leading cases and key legislation on specific legal topics.
  • Examples: textbooks, case citators, statute annotators, legal dictionaries & encyclopaedias, journal articles and newspaper articles. 

Subject specific legal commentary

  • Previously published in printed format as looseleaf services.
  • Provide up to date information on specialised areas of law.
  • May link directly to relevant case law and legislation.
  • Provide a practical focus as they are published for the professional practitioner market.
  • They are not academic textbooks but are useful to understand how the law is applied in practice.
  • Titles are updated regularly to reflect the latest developments in case law and legislation making them more up to date than textbooks and legal encyclopaedias.

Key Australian resources

Key international resources

Key Australian resources

Key international resources

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