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Law: Case Law: Authorised law reports

A Library Guide to support students and staff of the University of Newcastle in finding Case Law

Authorised law reports

Authorised law reports

  • Authorised law reports are the most authoritative source of law.
  • These reports have been rigorously reviewed by the judge(s) prior to publication.
  • They can take up to 12 months to be published.
  • Each Australian state or territory jurisdiction has one authorised law report series, the Commonwealth has two.
  • If a case appears in an authorised law report series, this series should be cited in preference to any other reported version.
  • Examples: Commonwealth Law Reports and the New South Wales Law Reports.

Unauthorised law reports

  • Unauthorised law reports are a legitimate record of court decisions.
  • They are generally faster to publish as they have not been through the same rigorous review process as authorised reports.   
  • Legal editors summarise the key points and assign catch words.
  • Examples: Australian Law Reports and the Federal Law Reports.

Australian authorised law reports

UK authorised law reports

Australian authorised law reports

A reported version of a case should be cited in preference to an unreported version.

Where a case appears in an authorised report series, this series should be cited in preference to any other reported version.

UK authorised law reports

The Law Reports series below are the authorised reports for the UK and should be used in preference to all other UK law reports.

Access via ICLR Online.

Admiralty and Ecclesiatical Cases (1865-75) A. & E.
Appeal Cases A.C.
Appeal Cases (1875-90) App. Cas.
Chancery Appeals (1865-75) Ch. App.
Chancery Division Ch.
Chancery Division (1875-90) Ch. D.
Common Pleas (1865-75) C.P.
Common Pleas Division (1865-80) C.P.D.
Crown Cases Reserved (1865-75) C.C.R.
English and Irish Appeals (1866-75) H.L.
Equity Cases (1865-75) Eq.
Exchequer (1865-75) Ex.
Exchequer Division (1875-80) Ex. D.
Family Division Fam.
Kings Bench K.B.
Privy Council (1865-75) P.C.
Probate P.
Probate and Divorce (1865-75) P. & D.
Probate Division (1875-90) P.D.
Queens Bench (1865-75 and post 1891) Q.B.
Queens Bench Division (1875-90) Q.B.D.

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