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University of Newcastle Library guides

Library Services for International Students: Library PIN

An introduction to using the Library for international students at the University of Newcastle.

Library PIN

You need a Library PIN to:

Borrow items using the self checkout machines

Renew (re-borrow) items

View your loans in your online library account (MyLibrary)

Request items not currently available in our Library

Your PIN can only consist of 4, 5, or 6 numbers (no letters, special characters, or punctuation).

Set up your PIN by accessing our MyLibrary page.

Find more information on Library PINs.

Watch the Create a MyLibrary account (Library PIN) tutorial on our online tutorials page.

Your MyLibrary account allows you to:

See what you have borrowed

Renew (re-borrow) items, and

Keep a record of your browsing history (a handy way to remember the titles you have borrowed previously).
To keep your reading history on record:
              Log in to MyLibrary
              Click Reading History
              Click Opt In