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Research Help for International Students: How to evaluate

Guide to assist international students find information for assignments.

Evaluating information sources - Things to look for

Understanding how to evaluate the information you find should make it easier for you to choose appropriate sources.

Watch our video on Evaluating information sources, & have a look at the information below.


TRAAP diagram

If you can't find sufficient answers to these questions,
it's probably best not to use the source for your assignment.


Is the information current?
When was it last updated (especially websites)?


Is it actually relevant to your topic?
Who is the intended audience?
Is it appropriate to use for your assignment?


Who is the author and what are their qualifications?
What other work has the author published in this area?


Is the information supported with evidence/references?
Can it be verified in other sources?
Are there obvious errors?


Why was the information written?
Is the information objective?
Is there any bias or agenda present?