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How to plan your study time: Upskill and stay in touch

Strategies and ideas to organise your time, notes and assessments for effective and effiecient study.

Up skill and stay in touch

Ask Questions

  • Recognise it is normal to feel overwhelmed and uncertain at different times during your time at university. So get to know who to contact when questions or problems arise. 
  • For Open Foundation, Newstep and Yapug students you can find this information on your program Blackboard site.

Acquire the skills you need

Life as a university student will be much easier if you acquire these skills

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Pathways and Learning Support

Contact us if you need help

Students can access

  • Workshops
  • Maths & stats help
  • Online resources
  • Consultations
  • e-Consultations

t: 61 2 4921 5350