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How to plan your study time: Organising your time

Strategies and ideas to organise your time, notes and assessments for effective and effiecient study.

Organising your time

Good time management is essential to success at university.

The first thing you will need to know is realistically how much time do you have to study. To do this assess all the demands on your time and consider:

  • Paid employment
  • Family duties
  • Time spent in lectures and tutorials
  • Recreation and leisure
  • Civic duties

Once you have an understanding of your time commitments you can then decide if you actually have the time to complete a university course. It is important to remember good time management will not help if you are over committed.

The next step is to find out when are your best opportunities to study. 

Here is some advice about managing your time from a student who successfully completed Open Foundation several years ago. First look at the big picture.

Once you have done a semester time management plan, it's time to think about how to plan out a week and make a daily 'to do' list.

Time management 2 

You can use the weekly timetable (see below) to fill in all the essential demands on your time.  

Lastly, think of completing work in time slots. Different periods of time suit different activities.

We can think of time in short, medium and long time slots.

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