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Wyndham and Glennie Families:  Introduction

Papers from the Glennie and Wyndham families held by Cultural Collections.

Archives : Wyndham and Glennie

The Wyndham and Glennie Families

These papers relate primarily to the Wyndham Family who settled at Dalwood near Branxton in 1828, planting vineyards on the bank of the Hunter River, commencing farming, and building a stone house with Doric columns. George Wyndham, an admirer of Byron, had visited Italy in 1825. The Wyndhams acquired other extensive lands on the Hunter and on the Richmond and Macintyre Rivers.

The Wyndham Family records are amongst the oldest surviving records of farming in Australia, and include, as well as farming and Bible notes, a detailed record of cattle musters on the Macintyre River from 1839 - 1842.

The papers of the Glennie Family were given to The University of Newcastle Archives together with those of the Wyndhams. These papers are believed to relate to the family of the pioneer Anglican clergyman, the Rev. Alfred Glennie of Brisbane Water and Lochinvar, whose diaries were published by the Gosford District Local History Study Group in 1987.

B7988 Letter book 1887 - 1897
B7989 Ledger 1884 - 1887
B7990 Ledger 1890 - 1900
B7991 Ledger 1895 - 1901
B7992 Ledger 1901 - 1907
B7993 Ledger 1907 - 1910
B7994 Ledger 1911 - 1913
B7994 and cheque book 1918 - 1919
B7995 Cash book 1911 - 1914
B7996 Day book 1935 - 1936
B7997 Book of miscellany 1839 - 1888
B7997 including muster of cattle at Station Macintyre River 1839 - 1842
B7997 Farming notes
B7997 Bible reading notes
B7997 Press clippings 1888
B7997 Supplement from Inverell Argus (1 page n.d.)
B7997 Cash book entries 1887 - 1888
B7998 Church Register, Branxton 1881 - 1890
B7999 Hymns for little children …Set to music…by H.J. Gauntlet. London: Masters, 1867 1867
B7999a Alfred Glennie’s music book of dancemusic [n.d.]
A5380 (i - iv) Correspondence 1862 - 1919
A5381 Correspondence 1920 - 1939
A5382 Correspondence 1940 - 1949
A5383(i-ii) Correspondence 1950 - 1956
A5383(iii) Correspondence [n.d.]
A5383 (iv) Copy of a letter from Bishop Broughton to the Rev. A. Glennie, relating to church building and Lay Evangelism, March, 1846 [original lent by J. McGee]. 1846
A5383 (v)(vi) Microfilm copies of Rev. Glennie’s diaries1855 - 1859, 1859 - 1861, 1861 - 1862,1862 - 1864, 1864 - 1870.
A5383 (vii) Licenses issued to the Rev. Glennie by William Tyrrell, Bishop of Newcastle, 1850 - 1858 [2 Xerox copies].
A5383 (viii) Introduction to the limited facsimile edition of The Journals of the Rev. Alfred Glennie [published by Greater Cessnock Historical Society, 1981] 1981
A5384 Ledger 1876 - 1884
A5384 Cash books 1875 - 1881, 1877 - 1878, 1905 - 1912, 1939 - 1940
A5384 Purchases book 1939
A5384 Cover of account book 1884
A5384 Subscription book 1947 - 1971
A5384 Notebook 1922 - 1930
A5384 Insurance policy in names C.W., A.J. and E. L. Pogonoski.
A5384 Cheque butts 1864 - 1870
A5384 Cessnock Eagle Newspaper June 30, 1966
A5384a Microfilm copy of Miss Marion Wyndham’s diaries, 1901 - 1909 and Mrs. Frederick Wyndham’s diaries, 1939 - 1944, 1944 - 1949. [Restricted]
A5384a Manuscripts including prayers, poetry, Latin exercise book.
A5384a Genealogy [n.d.].
A5384a Land tax notice of Mary Anne Holmes, 1906.
A5384a Printed miscellanea including 3 Hymn books [n.d.]
A5384a 2 photographs, unidentified.
A5384a Map of N.S.W. showing main travelling stock routes, tanks, wells, public watering places, and trucking stations, 1899.
A5384a C. S. McIntyre Pty Ltd flour bags [n.d.].
A5385 Printed miscellany
A5385 The Churchman’s almanac 1855
A5385 Church almanac 1911, 1914 - 1928
A5385 Holy Bible 1811
A5385 New Testament 1836
A5385 Sinclair, John. Questions illustrating the Catechism of the Church of England, by The Ven. John Sinclair . 1847
A5385 Bellenger. New guide to conversations in French and inEnglish by Bellenger.New edition revised byC. and H. Whitcomb. Paris, Baudrey, 1863. 1863
A5385 Stephen, Reginald. Sermons for Lay readers. Sydney: Halstead pr.,1938. 1938
A5385 [Anonymous] The mothers of England, their influence andresponsibility.London: Jackson and Fisher, n.d. [n.d.].
A5385 Thirtieth report of the New South Wales Religious Tract and Book Society, Sydney. 1853
A5385 Notes on the Cathedrals [by] Wells. Ca. 1910
A5385 Photographs of museum and library materials including Wyndham diaries stolen at Cessnock, 1979. 1979
A5385 Trade catalogues Ca.1898-1930
A5385 Press clippings 1921 - 1926
A5385 Sydney Morning Herald May 21, 1966
A5385 Press clipping on Henry Dangar June 8, 1889
A5385 Miscellaneous pamphlets, programmes, photographs, postcards etc c.1904 - 1951
A5385 Balance sheet and annual report of the Commonwealth Wool and Produce Co. 1951

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