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University of Newcastle Library Guides

Education: Guided readers at Huxley Library

A Library Guide to Education resources for students and staff of the University of Newcastle

Guided reading schemes

The reading schemes are graded sets of books and teaching materials that gradually expose children to more complex vocabulary and enhance their understanding of the written word.

Big Mob Books for Little Fullas: The Aboriginal Emergent Readers Kit - 372.412 BIGM

The kit is aimed at helping to increase the levels of literacy among students from Kindergarten to Year 6 and will benefit both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children. It includes stories from Aboriginal communities, and the majority of the artwork is by Aboriginal adults and children throughout NSW.

Carousel Books - 372.412 CARO

Ideally suited for Guided Reading, and has proven highly successful in Reading Recovery and similar early intervention programs.

The Joy Cowley Collections - 372.412 COWL-2 2009, and 372.412 COWL-2

The Joy Cowley Collection (held at 372.412 COWL-2 2009) is a set of re-released titles of the author's well-known and most popular characters.  Huxley holds a range of titles, covering reading levels 1 to 20.

The New Joy Cowley Collection (held at 372.412 COWL-2) is a completely new set of early literacy stories about some of her most well-known and much-loved characters, initially found in the Joy Cowley Collection.  Huxley holds a small selection of these titles, covering reading levels 8 to 19.

Each set is an excellent foundation for early readers, aged 5-7.  Teachers' notes are included in the back of each book.

Dark Flight Readers - 372.412 DARK

Edgy, exciting adventure stories, designed to grab the attention of students aged 9-14 years, with a reading age of 6.5+.

Includes Teachers' Guide

Flying Start to Literacy - 428.6 FLYI

A comprehensive core early literacy program.

Publisher's program overview and reading stages.

Foundations Take Two - 372.412 FOUN to 372.412 FOUN-6

Take Two Books include a fiction and a factual book on the same topic.

Call number    

Foundation Level 

 Reading Level/Age  Catalogue
372.412 FOUN Early Lvs. 7-12 Holdings
372.412 FOUN-1  Fluent Lvs. 13-17 Holdings
372.412 FOUN-2  Set 1 Lvs.18-20 Holdings
372.412 FOUN-3 Set 2 Lvs. 20- 21 Holdings
372.412 FOUN-4 Set 3 Ages 8-9 years Holdings
372.412 FOUN-5 Set 4 Ages 9-10 years Holdings
372.412 FOUN-6 Set 5 Ages 10-11 years


Journeys in Critical Literacy - 372.412 JOUR

Help students learn how to access and interpret all forms of texts, from stage plays to comic strips, and then analyse the texts for deeper meanings.  The set is divided into five common themes: doors, home, laugh, playing, and reflection.

Mac Australia Series [kit] - 372.412 MACA Cult Low

Publisher's program overview

The PM Libraries

A selection of various levels, colours and reading age titles from the different PM Library collections.  For further information regarding each PM Library, follow the Publisher Information link, or read the relevant tabs in this guide.

PM Animal Facts - 372.412 PMAN

PM Anthology - 372.412 PMAT

PM Title Colour Reading    Age            Catalogue     
PM Animals   Facts - Pets      Orange      Age 6.5 Holdings 
PM Animal Facts - Wild Turquoise  Age 7 Holdings
PM Anthology Emerald/Ruby/Sapphire Ages 9,10,11 Holdings

PM Non Fiction - 372.412 PMNO

Title Colour       Catalogue      
Time Green Holdings
Maths Red Holdings
Families    Yellow   Holdings
People Blue  Holdings

PM Plus - 372.412 PMPL

Level           Catalogue             
Level 1 Holdings
Level 2 Holdings
Level 5 + 6    Holdings
Level 8 + 9 Holdings
Level 11 + 12     Holdings
Level  14 + 15 Holdings
Level 16 + 17 Holdings
Level 18 + 19 Holdings

PM Storybooks - 372.412 PMST

Colour                          Catalogue             
Blue Set A Holdings
Red Set A Holdings
Turquoise Set A Holdings
Turquoise Set B Holdings
Orange Set A   Holdings
Orange Set B Holdings
Purple Set A Holdings
Silver Holdings
Gold Set A Holdings
New PM Green Holdings
New PM Yellow Holdings

Reading Discovery - 372.412 READ-5

Springboard - 372.412 SPRI

Springboard components               Reading Level/Age              
Springboard Beginning Levels 1-8 (5-6 years)
Springboard 1 Levels 9-16 (6-7 years)
Springboard 2 Levels 17-23 (7-8 years)
Springboard 3 Levels 24-30 (8-9 years)
Springboard 4 8.8 - 10.2 years
Springboard 5 9.5 - 12.5 years
Springboard 6 10.5 - 13.5 years

Publisher's program overview

Sunshine Books - 372.412 SUNS

The Sunshine Literacy Program is a collection of carefully levelled texts with a gradual introduction of new vocabulary.

Publisher's program overview