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Diaries and Papers of Josiah Cocking 1867 - 1960

Josiah Cocking was born on the 11th May 1867 at Kadina in South Australia and died on the 27th July 1960 aged 93 at Mayfield, New South Wales. Mr Cocking was a miner and part of the early socialist and free-thought movement of Newcastle. He lived for a time in Wallsend and Mayfield, and wrote much verse for the local papers of the time under such pseudonyms as "Dandelion" and "Capsicum". For a greater insight on the life and character of Josiah Cocking please view his biography in typescript written by his son, Mr Arthur James Cocking (1916 - 1989). The diaries and notebook papers of Mr Josiah Cocking were deposited in the Archives, Rare Books and Special Collections Unit of the University of Newcastle in November 1999 by Mr Keith Cocking. This shelf listing was completed on the 3rd March 2000 by Gionni di Gravio.


The notebook diaries of Josiah Cocking:

Introduction by Tony Laffan


The notebook diaries of Josiah Cocking:


The notebook diaries of Josiah Cocking:

  • News clipping book entitled “Industrial” relating to labour, political, warfare and communist themes, Feb. 1911 – Jan. 1932.
  • News clipping book entitled “Industry. Industrial” relating to labour, communism and warfare, Feb. 1911 – Jan 1932.
  • [Typescript] I Call It Murder by “Taraxacum” [Josiah Cocking] in two books, Sept. 1934, together with news clipping dated 16th August 1947 and handwritten manuscript of dialogue entitled The Fourth Craft Union Meeting, 6th January 1912.
  • [Anthony Hordern & Sons Palace Emporium, Sydney, Catalogue used as newspaper clipping book] Book entitled “War” consisting of cuttings relating to warfare, 1913 – 1959.

The published verse of Josiah Cocking (under a number of pseudonyms such as ‘The Soshalistik Kove’, ‘Dad’, ‘Daisy’, ‘K.N. Pepper’, ‘Capsicum’, ‘Taraxacum’, ‘Dandelion’ and ‘Violet’) in a series of news clipping exercise books entitled ‘Verses’:

  1. Verses, May 1910 – May 1922, Nov.1958 – Jan. 1959.
  2. Verses, Dec. 1921 – June 1960.
  3. Verses, [including typescript] Jan 1919 – June 1960.
  4. Verses, Feb 1911 – Oct 1937, Jan 1960.
  5. Verses, Aug 1958 – June 1960.
  6. Verses, Oct 1955 – Feb [1960].
  7. Verses, July 1914 – Nov 1958.
  8. Verses, [typescript with some clippings] July 1923 – Aug 1931.
  9. Verses, Nov 1911 – June 1959.
  10. Verses, Jan 1916 – June 1960.
  11. Verses, Typescript of Verses written between 1887 and 1954.

Josiah Cocking scrapbooks of clippings and manuscript snippets entitled ‘Scraps’:

  1. Scraps, Aug 1921 – June 1931.
  2. Scraps, (entitled ‘War Against War) Sept 1910 – 1932.
  3. Scraps, March 1933 – May 1935.
  4. Scraps, (entitled ‘Vera’) August 1909 – June 1960.
  5. Scraps, 1884 – 1889
  6. Scraps, 6a 1955 – 1960, 6b Aug- Dec 1907, 6c 1885 – 1889, Dec 1918.
  7. Scraps, May 1918 – Nov 1934.
  8. Scraps, Dec 1918 – June 1940.
  9. Scraps, June 1912 – Aug 1934.
  10. Scraps, Jan 1932 – Nov 1934.
A7753(i) 11. Scraps, Aug 1907 – March 1931.
A7753(ii) Phrenological Descriptive Chart and Human Science Register of the Mental and Physical Conditions of Mr Cocking as given by Aston Wood, Newcastle [1910?].
A7753(iii) Bound booklets and pamphlets including:
  1. Twelve Months of Sedition: Harry Holland’s Speech from the Dock and the Chief Justice’s Remarks in Delivering Sentence. Wellington, 1914.
  2. Samoa: The Story that Teems With Tragedy by H.E. Holland. Wellington, 1918.
  3. Indentured Labour: Is It Slavery by H.E. Holland. [1910?]
  4. Australia’s Part in the World Revolution [1930?]
  5. An Address to the Clergy of All Denominations in Favour of Spiritualism and Freethought by W.D.C. Donovan. Melbourne, 1903.
  6. History of the Steam Hammer by T.S. Rowlandson 5th Ed. [1875].
  7. The Spiritualists’ Illustrated Annual, 1906.
  8. Labour Leg-Ironed or Liberal and Labour Party Arbitration Acts in NSW…by H.E. Holland. Wellington, 1912.
  9. .A Lecture on Village Settlements With Some Discussion of the Questions of the Unemployed, the Land and Co-Operation…by Rev Thomas Roseby. Sydney, 1894.
  10. A Criticism of the Single Tax [c. 1900].
A7753(iv) Bound booklets and pamphlets including:
  1. The Premiers’ Plan In Action [by R.A. King?] [1935].
  2. Russia’s Educational Advance: The Victorious Struggle of the First Workers’ Republic Against Illiteracy by N.K. Krupskaya. Sydney, 1928.
  3. The International Socialist Review for Australasia. Jan, March and April 1910.
A7753(v) Bound booklets and pamphlets including:
  1. Mr Howard Elliot’s Attack on the King by H.E. Holland. Wellington, 1924.
  2. The Machine: Friend of Man – Or Rival by H.E. Holland. Wellington, 1931.
  3. War! Points About the Fighting Powers: A Handy Catechism [Cover Title: Stead’s War Book Compiled by Henry Stead]. Melbourne, n.d.
  4. Assault on China by P. Dietrich. London, [1920s]
  5. Penal Servitude for Politics. London [1931?]
  6. John Davidson’s Fate: A Class War Story by Tom Anderson. Sydney, n.d.
  7. Reds in Congress by J. Howie. [Sydney, 1921]
  8. Summary of Principal Events: The History of the Boers. [c. 1900].
A7753(vi) Copy of: Armageddon or Calvary: The Conscientious Objectors of New Zealand and “The Process of Their Conversion” by H.E. Holland. Wellington, 1919.
A7753(vii) Bound editions of The International Socialists’ Review. Dec 1909 – April 1910.
A7753(viii) Copy of: Album of Adelaide Views. [c. 1900]
A7753(ix) Copy of: Views of Western Australia. Published by P. Falk & Co., Ltd. Printed in England [c. 1900].
A7753(x) Copy of: Koppers Company Inc. Instructions for the Operation and Maintenance of the Freya-Design Charging Control System and Skip Hoist. BHP Blast Furnace No 2 Newcastle Steelworks Plant. [n.d.]
A7753(xi) Copy of: The Primitive Methodist Sabbath School Hymn Book [c. 1878]
A7753(xii) [Manuscript] Hard Manual Labour: It’s Cause and Cure by Josiah Cocking. 29th July 1894.
A7753(xiii) [Two Typescript booklets] Christian Soldiers by Dandelion [Josiah Cocking] 15th September 1932.
A7753(xiv) Two notebooks containing manuscript versions of Josiah Cocking’s prose and verse works under the pseudonym of ‘Dandelion’. June 1911 – Jan 1914, Jan 1914 – April 1919.

Copy of:

  • The Practical Home Physician & Encyclopedia of Medicine… by H.M. Lyman, C. Fenger, H. Webster Jone and W.J. Belfield. London, [c. 1910]
  • How to Work With the Microscope by Lionel J. Beale. 5th Ed. London, 1880.
  • Ladies’ Handbook of Home Treatment… by F.C. Richards and E.S. Richards. Melbourne, [c. 1912]
  • The Hand: Its Mechanism and Vital Endowments As Evincing Design by Sir Charles Bell. 5th Ed Rev. London, 1852.
  • The Microscope: A Practical Handbook by Lewis Wright, Enlarged and Rewritten by Aubrey H Drew. London, [1922].
  • Nature’s Smallest Creatures: A Peep at an Invisible World of Life and Beauty by C. Hallam. Melbourne, [1905].
  • The Preparation and Mounting of Microscopic Objects by Thomas Davies Edited by John Matthews. London, 1890.
  • CD Rom version of The Diaries of Josiah Cocking 1867 – 1960.


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