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Digital Technologies self-help guide: What is EZproxy?

Troubleshooting common problems with access to Library eresources.
Why is a Proxy Server Necessary?


A proxy server identifies users connecting to subscribed eResources.

The University of Newcastle library signs license agreements with vendors agreeing to make electronic resources accessible only to staff and students affiliated with the University.

A valid UON ID and password is required in order to use eResources if you are not on the University domain.

How can I tell if a resource has EZproxy?


When you click on a link to any online resource, such as databases, ejournals or eBooks, you will be prompted to log in using your UON ID.


The URL will include:

Adding EZproxy is how we provide online access to licensed UON resources to staff and students.

EZproxy re-authentication is now required after 4 hours in same session browser


Previously, when a UON client authenticated through EZproxy to access UON licensed content, the authentication remained active for the duration of the browser session.

There have been instances where accounts have been compromised due to browser sessions left open.  After discussion with the UON IT security specialists, it has been decided to introduce an automatic re-authentication.

Please be aware that if someone is still using the same browser session after a period of 4 hours, they will be prompted to re-authenticate to continue access to licensed content via EZproxy.


We anticipate that this reasonably generous timeframe ought not to be an issue for anyone.

We recommend clearing your cache and cookies if you experience problems when re-authenticating

Why did I get suspended?


The docs/suspend error message is displayed when EZproxy detects excessive downloading of electronic content. This restriction protects our EZproxy server from excessive downloading by robots or other mechanisms. Our license agreements do not allow for systematic or bulk downloading.

The EZproxy service, which is used to authenticate our licensed eResources, has in-built restrictions to prevent the systematic harvesting of content from a site which would be in breach of our license conditions. This limit can also be reached during normal downloading of content, so it does not suggest any illicit action on your part.

If you get this message, it means you have exceeded the 100MB download allowed within 15 minutes.  When this happens you may be blocked from access to all eResources, however you should find that access is restored automatically after a period of 2 hours.
Please contact UON Library Chat or complete the Online Resources access problem form if access has not been restored after 2 hours.

Please note that, while Library staff will endeavour to assist you to resolve your issue, a resolution may need to be directed to another UON team for further investigation.

Common EZproxy error messages


1.  I tried to log in, but I get the error message that my username and password are not correct.

There are several reasons why you could be having difficulty.

  • The first step in troubleshooting is to verify your UON ID is working. 
  • Test it by trying to log into MyUON.  If you are able to log in to your account, then it may be a typing error.  Please try to log in to EZproxy again.
  • If your UON ID is not working at all because you are not sure you have an UON ID set up, forgot your password, etc., please contact the 17000 Help Desk for assistance.


2.  I logged into EZproxy and my browser is displaying a blank screen.

This is most likely due to browser settings.  Please check the following:

  • Pop-up blocker--Disable pop-up blockers
  • Cookies--Make sure your browser is set to accept cookies.
  • JavaScript--Make sure JavaScript is enabled.
  • Java--Make sure Java is enabled.


3.  What does it mean when I get an error message indicating that a line must be added to the config file?


This often occurs because the domain name has changed for the resource. In many instances, the library might not have been informed of the change.

  • Please contact UON Library Chat or notify us via the Ask the Library. form. Make sure you provide the name of the resource and a screenshot if possible so EZproxy's configuration file can be modified. 


4. What does the following message mean: "Connection refused by hostname, please try again later"?

For any of the following reasons EZproxy is unable to connect to the resource:

  • The resource is temporarily unavailable. Wait a few minutes and try again or try on a different web browser.  
  • Your web browser is blocked (ie, firewall issue). Adjust your firewall settings or contact your Internet provider.