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Digital Technologies self-help guide: Ezproxy

Troubleshooting common problems with access to Library eresources.
How to create a UON bookmarklet


Although you may discover resources via general searching on the internet you could be asked to subscribe and/or pay a fee to access the full-text content.

The bookmarklet tool creates a link in your browser favorites bar which will re-write the URL of the current page being viewed to use an EZproxy URL. This will provide Full-text access to the content if the UON Library subscribes to this title.


1.  Copy the script below into a text editor such as Notepad:



 2. Create a 'Bookmark' or 'Favorite' by bookmarking a web page. Locate the bookmark and open it for direct editing:

  • For Firefox etc edit 'Name' field: enter suitable text eg 'Access via UON'; in 'Location' field; paste the Notepad script over the URL
  • For Internet Explorer, edit 'General' and 'Web Document' tabs



Bookmark web site


Once bookmarked, right mouse click on your recently bookmarked web site


Select Properties


Update 'Name' and "Location' fields as shown. For location field, insert the following code:



Select 'Save'

The bookmark will now appear like this on your menu bar


EZproxy Link Generator

All URLs for electronic resources licensed to the UON Libraries must include a prefix for the EZproxy server.

If you want to view a specific resource or URL while off-campus you can paste the URL into the box below and click "Create Link." This will add the EZproxy prefix to your URL triggering the system to authenticate users and ensuring that the link will work for off-campus users. Once you have connected from off-campus you will be taken to the resource.

Paste the link to your resource in the box below: (Include http://)



Please note: You do not need to add the proxy to freely available resources or links that already contain
Quickly reload pages through your library's EZproxy


Many universities use EZproxy to allow their students access to various online databases. When you have discovered resources via a general search over the internet, this extension adds a button to Chrome which allows for a quick way to reload the current page through your EZproxy system. This will then allow you full-text access to the content providing the eResource is owned by the University of Newcastle.

You will need Google Chrome to install and use this app:

Click on 'Add to Chrome' to Install

This converts the URL to your library's EZproxy login URL.  For example:
would change to: