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Digital Technologies self-help guide: Databases

Troubleshooting common problems with access to Library eresources.
Why can I access some electronic journals without logging in with my UON ID?


Some full text journals are freely available on the Internet, either for a limited time or permanently.


404 error - what does that mean?


This error message indicates the page was not found on the vendor's site. We suggest waiting 30 minutes and trying again.


Every time I use an eBook through Ebsco and leave it idle for a long time, it stops me from using it saying "this ebook is in use".


When EBSCOhost eBooks remain idle for 30 minutes, the eBook system will go through the return process, which may take up to 15 minutes. To avoid this problem, download the eBook to your computer or portable device for uninterrupted reading.


Can't access a database or electronic resource?


Some of our database licenses are restricted to a limited number of concurrent users. We notify users by including a note like "limited to 10 concurrent users" on the A-Z database page and also within the NewCat+ record. Access can also be affected by current database issues or availability dates of the resource.


User Licenses

  • Check user license limits by going to the A-Z database list. Databases that have access restrictions, or limitations will have the information in bold beneath the database description. For example,

Australian Medicines Handbook

Ebook version of the annual AMH, includes drug monographs, class statements and therapeutic information.
4 Concurrent users
Please LOGOUT at the end of your session
AMH has decided to remove support for IE version 8 as of 17th July 2017 which means there will be some loss of functionality in our websites. Please note that in January 2018, the content of AMH Online and Companion websites will no longer be viewable in IE versions 7 and 8.


Current databases issues

  • Check the A-Z database list for current issues or conditions affecting a database. These will be listed beneath the database description and be highlighted in orange. For example,

InCites Benchmarking & Analytics
Benchmarks research output and impact; identify collaborators and subject matter experts; promotes areas of strength and specialisations; demonstrate results and impact.
Access to Benchmarking & Analytics requires Users to create an account with a University Email Address and Password.

SpringerLink journals
Springer/Verlag and Birkhauser publications in a variety of subject areas including: biology/biomedicine, chemistry, geosciences, computer sciences, mathematics, medicine, physics, engineering, ecology, and the social sciences.
Users need to untick 'Include Preview-Only content' for full text content - content with closed padlocks is not available to UON.


Special usage instructions

  • Some of databases have special instructions for usage. The instructions will be highlighted beneath the database description. For example,

 ASTM International standards online
This resource provides access to the current collection of ASTM Standards using IHS Standards Expert. These standards begin with the acronym 'ASTM'. IHS Standards Expert also provides access to an index of over 1.6 million standards, specifications, codes, regulations and related documents from government, military and commercial sources.
Users need to create an individual log-in to access the search screen, then limit the search to 'My Subscriptions', otherwise results will include standards and codes which are not part of our available access


Availability dates

  • Journal issues availability - check the date range for access. For example,  


A few of our databases have specific conditions or requirements to access.


Please check this list to see if the database you are trying to access has specific requirements, or on the A-Z Database list.


Australian Medicines Handbook AMH has decided to remove support for IE version 8 as of 17th July 2017 which means there will be some loss of functionality in our websites. Please note that in January 2018, the content of AMH Online and Companion websites will no longer be viewable in IE versions 7 and 8.
Books24x7 – Business Pro and IT Pro Collections Instructions for new users Individual registration is required to access Books 24x7. On the login page click Register and type your University of Newcastle email address

CCH eTextbook Pilot

Download the free ePlatform app to access the ePlatform on your iPad, iPhone, Galaxy and most other devices.

Adobe Digital Editions or Bluefire Reader is also required to download the eBooks to read offline.

For more information see
ChemSources Online Your search session will timeout after 10 minutes of screen inactivity. Moving your mouse on the screen within the 10-minute limit will keep your session active.
InCites Benchmarking & Analytics Access to Benchmarking & Analytics requires Users to create an account with a University Email Address and Password.
OneSource global business browser OneSource not compatible with Internet Explorer. Please use Firefox, Chrome or Safari
RP Data RP Data provides commercial and residential real estate property valuation and house prices around Australia.
To access, students and staff will need to email Sally Murray-Walsh from their @uon, @newcastle or @tafensw email accounts. Non university/TAFE email accounts cannot be used. The library has 20 student registrations that will be deleted at the end of each trimester.


As Alumni, what access do I have to University of Newcastle databases?

Due to publisher licence restrictions, subscriptions to online resources are not freely available to Alumni. The Library continues to negotiate with publishers and suppliers to provide Alumni with access to as many resources as possible.

View a guide which lists free open access resources.

Some databases require password authentication to access.


When you see the words 'Password required - Click here for access details' it means this eResource is password protected. Click to authenticate with your UON ID to view a list of passwords for these UON Library resources.

For example

Click the link below and authenticate with your UON ID to view a list of UON Library eResource passwords.

Database Passwords

Why can't I access my favourite database from my bookmarks anymore?


If you are trying to access a database you have bookmarked or added to your favorites and you can't get in, you are probably not going through our proxy server, which authenticates you as a valid user. Therefore, you are not being granted access to the requested resource.


  • Try accessing the link from the A-Z Databases page as the database URL may have changed.


  • If you are accessing the site from off campus via a link e.g. from a course website, search engine or email, check that the URL has the following extension contained within - You need this part of the URL to login.


  • If you are off campus and trying to access an article from a link you sent yourself in an e-mail, you may need to follow the directions below to access it:
    • Example: You send yourself an article link from EBSCOhost, it will have a URL similar to this one:
    • You should copy and paste that URL into the Ezproxy Link Generator box to create a link that will have the UON proxy server affixed to it.
    • Once you have created the new link, copy and paste it into your browser's address bar and hit enter.
    • You should be prompted for your UON ID and password and can then proceed.

Help! I am at work, but I can't access the Library databases!


Are you at work? Is your firewall set to allow access?

  • Your workplace may have strict protocols set for their firewalls and restricted internet access. If this is the problem, you will be unable to access the databases from your workplace because of conflicts between the proxy servers at the Library and your workplace. You may request an "un-proxied" connection from your employer's IT department, but the Library has no control over this.

What anti-virus program is installed on your computer?

  • Try disabling your anti-virus software's "on-access" scan feature long enough to download and open the title. Remember to re-enable "on-access" scanning once the download is complete.

Have you contacted your service provider?

  • Your provider may have restrictions on data, or it could be a network issue.