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Digital Technologies self-help guide: CASA - Campus Activated Subscriber Access

Troubleshooting common problems with access to Library eresources.

What is CASA?

Campus Activated Subscriber Access (CASA) enables you to more easily access licensed content via Google Scholar search results when you are off campus.


How does CASA work?

When you are on campus and you access content from an authorized on-campus location via a Google Scholar search results page, CASA notes your affiliation with UON and a cookie is placed on your device which records you as a UON-affiliated user.

CASA then enables continued access to the library’s journal and book holdings from home or when using a device not connected to the institution’s network.

Once your affiliation with UON is recorded from on-campus, you will experience seamless access to the library’s licensed content at home and on mobile devices.

Important: You will be required to periodically refresh your CASA affiliation by visiting Google Scholar from an on-campus location.


What are the benefits of CASA?

  •   Easy off campus access from any device
  •   Protect user privacy
    •     each token is unique to a single article in Scholar search results
    •     encryption is keyed only to Scholar and one publisher platform


It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!






What vendors / providers utilise CASA?


An example of vendors currently partnering with Google Scholar to introduce more streamlined off-campus access to licensed content:

•    Project Muse
•    Highwire Press
•    JSTOR
•    HeinOnline
•    IngentaConnect