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Digital Technologies self-help guide: Alternative access to resources off-campus

Troubleshooting common problems with access to Library eresources.

How do I access electronic library resources off-campus?


When you are using a device which is not on the University network (off campus) you will be required to login to access online library resources (such as electronic journals and databases) by being prompted to enter your University username and password.



How do I use Institutional login?

Some resources require us to use a different method for validating who is accessing them. For these resources you have to confirm that you are from the University of Newcastle. Enter University of Newcastle in the search box and then choose University of Newcastle from the list displayed. For more information, please see the examples provided in the side menu bar. E.g. Lean Library , AAF, CASA etc



How do I use individual resource passwords?

A few resources continue to use individual resource usernames and passwords for both on and off campus access. More information is available on the Database Passwords page in this guide.

You will be asked to login to the passwords page using your University account username and password to verify that you are entitled to use these resources.