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Digital Technologies self-help guide: AAF - Australian Access Federation

Troubleshooting common problems with access to Library eresources.
What is AAF?


The University of Newcastle is a member of Australian Access Federation (AAF).

AAF provides members with access to online resources which are subscribed to by their own Institution and have been found while using regular web search engines (such as 'Google'; 'DuckDuckGo'; etc). 


How do I access resources via AAF?


When searching the Web, you may come across a resource that you would like to view.

  • Does our University subscribe to this resource?
  • What if you could obtain access without having to investigate via NEWCAT+  or log in to the Library databases etc?

One quick and easy way to find out is to click on the resource of interest to you to see if 'Shibboleth' access is available to UON.


Although the Shibboleth log in screen can change from publisher to publisher, you will be looking for similar log in details on each publisher’s site. To access the Shibboleth log in screen on most sites select the 'Log in' icon.

Please also note that all sites will display a different landing page.

Example of different types of login screens which could be encountered:


However, on all sites, you will  be asked to:

  • Select Region/Group; then the Institution you are affiliated with -

  • Log in using your own UON ID:
    • STUDENTS: enter your student number (e.g. c3123456) and password
    • STAFF: enter your username ('numberplate') (e.g. ABC123) and password


Access to this resource is now available.