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CRRMH Library Services and Resources: Data Management

Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health

Data management toolkit

Data management is a valuable aid to researchers in planning their research. In partnership with the Research Office and IT, the Library provides support and advice to promote data management planning and good practice so as to enable the dissemination and sharing of research data to the Research Data Australia service.

There are a number of reasons why data management is important for researchers. Data management saves time and resources in the long run. Good management helps to prevent errors and increases the quality of your analyses. Well-managed and accessible data allows others to validate and replicate findings.The library  can assist with: creating descriptive profiles around research datasets and collections for inclusion the Research Data Australia; information on archiving of research data; and publishing of supplementary research data for journal publications.

Data Management Toolkit  is available to provide information and resources to assist with planning, managing, storing, sharing and publishing research data.