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University of Newcastle Library Guides

Open Access: Finding OA Articles

Search for Open Access articles

Search for Open Access articles

Search for Open Access content using a DOI, URL, Title or Citation.

Open Access Tools

Open Access Tools

The tools listed below provide web browser plugins that, when installed, will easily identify open access scholarly journal articles on the web, as well as licensed content subscribed to by your Library (i.e Lean Library). 

Unpaywall - web browser extension

Unpaywall is a web browser plugin that will provide you with access to more than 20 million open access articles available, harvested from more than 50,000 publishers. Once installed, the green unlocked padlock icon indicates a free version of the article is available enabling you to click the icon to access the PDF.

Kopernio - web browser extension

Kopernio is a web browser extension, currently working for Chrome only, that searches for openly available content as well as your Library’s subscriptions. The PDF Found bar opens whenever a fulltext PDF of the article is available. Really useful if working off-campus as you only need to login once.

Library Access (Lean Library) - web browser extension

The Library Access browser extension is available for most web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, Apple Safari, Opera).  A significant feature of this browser extension is that it can identify access to your Library subscription content when you are off campus. Library Access searches your library subscriptions and open access content to provide you with 1 click access to the PDF of the article. The University of Newcastle library is currently trialing Library Access (Lean Library). 

Open Access Button - search tool and web browser extension

The Open Access Button provides a query tool to search across research articles to identify and provide a free, legal version of the work.  You can search by article title, URL, DOI, PMID, PMC ID, title or citation. You can also download and install the Open Access button plugin