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Alexander Burnard (1900-1971) - Papers:  Compositions by students

The papers of Alexander Burnard, Australian composer, including correspondence from Percy and Ella Grainger.

Archives : Alexander Burnard

The Papers and Correspondence of Alex Burnard, Australian Composer, 1900-1971

Compositions by students of Dr Alex Burnard

Many of Alex Burnard's students dedicated a number of their compositions to their teacher. Many appear to be either the original manuscript score or copies of the original scores, with dedications. Most notable are those of Johannes Tall, who later became Professor emeritus at the Music School of the University of Michigan-Flint, as well as, John Ashe, Vladimir Sidorenko, Robert Bouffler and Charles Glenn.

A8281(x) Various compositions [Sheet Music] by composer John Ashe. 1946 – 1948
A8281(xi) Manuscript score of: Selected Hymns and Chants from the Evening Service of the Russian Orthodox Church with Greek, Latin and Old- Slavonic Text (The Latter Transliterated into Modern Russian Alphabet) And Set to Music by Vladimir Sidorenko of Sydney Australia, 1964 with cover letter dated 27th June 1971.
A8281(xii) Original manuscript score of:String Quartet No.2 by Johannes Tall, Jan.1964 With dedication and accompanying correspondence.1964 – 1971

Original manuscript score of:String Quintet by Charles GlennWith dedication “To Dr Alex. Burnard” and cover letter dated 20th December, 1967.

A8281(xiv) Original manuscript score of: Suite of Folk – Tunes from Estonia by Johannes Tall With dedication to Alex Burnard dated 13th March 1964.
A8281(xv) Original manuscript score of: “Greetings to A.B. from B.C.” Oct. 1936. Gift to Alex Burnard on occasion of his birthday.

Original manuscript score of: Scarabande for a Friend for Soprano and Seven Instruments by Robert Bouffler, 1967. “Dedicated to Dear Doctor, for all the kindness, understanding, guidance and inspiration he has given to me and most of all for the dear friend he has been. With all best wishes for future happiness from Robert Bouffler.”

A8281(xvii) Original manuscript score of: Suite for Flute and Oboe by Johannes Tall. With dedication to Alex Burnard 12th March 1964.
A8281(xviii) Folder containing sheet music with dedications to Alex Burnard and some correspondence.1936 – 1967
A8284(xii) Folder containing musical fragments, poetry and student composition, 1944.
A8284(xiii) Manuscript score of: Suite for Flute and Oboe by Johannes Tall with letter from Alex Burnard to Johannes Tall dated 4th June 1962. 1958 – 1962
A8284(xxvi) Compositions by Dr Johannes Tall 1981 - 1999
[Donated by Johannes Tall June 2000] numbered a-k:
A8284(xxvi) a. Adagio for Orchestra (1981)
A8284(xxvi) b. Adagio for Cello and Orchestra (1986)
A8284(xxvi) c. Hear my Prayer "Dedicated to the UM-Flint Chamber Singers" (1986)
A8284(xxvi) d. Elegy for Violin and Piano (1986)
A8284(xxvi) e. Three Minatures. For Soprano voice, flute, oboe, viola and bassoon. Texts by Marjorie Bertram Smith. "Accent on April", "Gifts" and "How Brief". [1987?]
A8284(xxvi) f. Three Minatures. [Vocal and Piano Version] Texts by Marjorie Bertram Smith. "Accent on April", "Gifts" and "How Brief". "Dedicated to Sarita Roche" (1987)
A8284(xxvi) g. Quartet No.2 (1995)
A8284(xxvi) h. Elegy for Cello and Piano (1995)
A8284(xxvi) i. Suite for Flute and Oboe (1995)
A8284(xxvi) j. Parvo Momento - Fantasy for Alto Saxophone Solo. "To Professor Olavi Kasemaa Estonian Academy of Music" (1999)

k. Capriccio for Winds. [Photocopy of manuscript score] (undated).

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