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EBP for undergrads: EBP in clinical settings

Guide to evidence-based practice resources for students

The EBP cycle

In clinical settings health practitioners undertake the EBP cycle when faced with a patient dilemma or point-of-care need. This cycle consists of five 'A's:

[Adapted from Putting evidence into practice]

ASK:  Construct a well-built clinical question derived from the actual case.

ACQUIRE:  Select the appropriate resources and conduct a search in order to acquire the evidence.

APPRAISE:  Evaluate the evidence for its validity and applicability in clinical practice.

APPLY:  Integrate the evidence with clinical expertise and patient preferences to apply to practice.

ACT:  Evaluate the performance and success of the change in practice.

EBP at point of care

Using quality EB resources saves clinical staff time and effort, as well as providing access to pre-appraised information from scholarly sources. For example:

  • a doctor working in ED could use MIMS to identify an unknown medication used in an overdose via the advanced search in 'Pill ID'.
  • a clinician could use the Patient Information from UpToDate or BMJ Best Practice to help a newly-diagnosed diabetic patient understand their condition.
  • a nurse looking for best practice for hand washing could access the Evidence Summaries from Joanna Briggs Institute.
  • a dentist looking for halitosis management options could access the guidelines in eTG Complete.

EBP Resources has an extended list of resources available from UON Library.

Please note that resources available from hospital / professional locations may vary - check with library or other staff on-site at these locations for access information.

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