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Guidance on reporting research outputs for UON researchers and academic staff

Changes to the Publications Collection Process 2016+

Drivers for Changes

Changed processes have been implemented for the Publications Collection for 2016 publications onwards. New processes have been informed by:

  • Changes to the HERDC Specifications for Publications Reporting in relation to funding
  • The need to improve processes to minimise the gap between real time assessment and reporting
  • The need for Category 1 publications assessment for UON reporting and KPIs and with a priority on A1s and C1s

The following changes have been endorsed by the Research Committee and follow-up meetings have been held with Assistant Deans-Research to provide further details on the changed process.

New Processes for the Library

The following points outline the most significant changes to current UON processes which have been adopted for commencement of 2016 Publications Collection. 

NURO and the Library’s role

  • Review/assess publications from the Nominated queue only.
  • No review/assessment of publications that are not-nominated, unclaimed
  • Assess and record Category 1 outputs only. Non-category 1 publications will be marked as declined in NURO. They will still display on publications profiles.
  • Prioritise assessment of nominated A1’s and C1’s.
  • No longer claim publications on behalf of UON authors.
  • Only utilise the Notification function within NURO for all related publications communication, ie. No email sent external to the NURO system.
  • Correct and/or add missing data for Category 1 publications only for bibliographic citation elements only (unless advised otherwise).
  • No longer pursue affiliation verification for UON authors who do not affiliate with UON in the by-line of the publication. UON affiliated authors identified in the by-line will be the only authors identified.

Requirements for UON authors

Academic staff are asked to regularly login to NURO to:

  1. Claim their publications
  2. Nominate Category 1 publications only (A1,B1,C1,E1, J1).  This is a significant change as previously authors were asked to nominate Categories 1,2,3,4 – which is no longer the case.
  3. Add any of their missing publications into NURO by creating a record.
  4. Regularly review and respond to any Notifications in NURO (requests for information or evidence of peer review)

Engaging with NURO

UON author engagement with NURO could be optimised by the following strategies:

  1. Logging into NURO more frequently to review publications and notifications
  2. Turning on search settings for staff who publish (if they are currently turned off)
  3. Reviewing and optimising search settings publications searches in NURO across its major publishing databases
  4. Registering and/or linking an existing ORCID to UON via NURO
  5. Linking Scopus Author ID and ResearcherID via NURO - this will automatically claim matching publications

Senior Research Librarians are available to assist with these strategies.


2017 Collection Dates

The 2017 Research Publications Collection is closing 29th June 2018

To ensure that your 2017 publications have been reported, please login to NURO ( to:

1. Nominate Category 1 publications only (A1,B1,C1,E1, J1)
NURO > Annual Collection > My Nominations > click Nominate

2. Add any missing 2017 publications into NURO by creating a record,
NURO > Menu > My Publications > Add a new publication

3. Review and respond to any requests for information or evidence of peer review (click the File Upload icon to attach files)
NURO > Annual Collection > My Nominations > Publications requiring attention


Guide to registering for ORCID via NURO

Registering for an ORCID in NURO


Help using NURO

Contact your Senior Research Librarian

Research Publications Collection


NURO Reporting Help

Email: Research Performance and Systems Support

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