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Referencing:  IEEE Computer Society Style

Guide to referencing styles for students and researchers

IEEE Computer Society Style

IEEE Computer Society Style


The IEEE Computer Society Style Guide Committee's mission is to clarify the editorial styles and standards that the Society's publications use. We maintain and periodically update a style guide to clarify those usages not adequately defined in accepted external sources. Our purpose is to promote coherence, consistency, and identity of style, making it easier for CS editors and our authors to produce quality submissions and publications that communicate clearly to all our readers.


General Information

This revised (October 2016) edition of the IEEE Computer Society Style Guide is intended as a complement to the primary reference guides listed below. This style guide defines and explains unique IEEE Computer Society usages, particularly where they differ from other usages. It also defines specialized terms to help editors determine proper usage and phraseology. The references on style and usage are listed below in the order in which they should be consulted.

  • Preferred dictionary: Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 11th ed., 2003.
  • General style guide: The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed., 2010 (referred to as CMS in this style guide).
  • Math style guide: The Handbook of Writing for the Mathematical Sciences, 1998. Published by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, this handbook provides some helpful information about math typography and other stylistic matters.

For more information about IEEE publishing see the links below:

  • IEEE Computer Society Style Guide
    Links to a downloadable guide for the IEEE style.  The referencing guide is on pages 35-43 of the PDF (pages 32-40 of the actual document)
  • IEEE Author Resources
    Includes submission guidelines for journals and conference proceedings, copyright information, and more.  Author Resources requires a log-in for ScholarOne Manuscripts

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