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Australian Indigenous Health: eBook collections

Guide to Australian indigenous health resources for students and researchers

Key eBooks for Indigenous health - click to access

Binan Goonj: bridging cultures in Aboriginal health

3rd edition. Published 2010. This book provides current up-to-date literature addressing the complexity and multidisciplinary topics of Indigenous Health. [Also available in print at Auchmuty, Huxley and Ourimbah libraries.]

Indigenous Australians and Health

Published 2013. Outlines the fundamental and underlying components that continue to influence good health for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and promotes awareness of culturally-based issues which can impact on access and response to clinical health services. [Also available in print at Huxley and Ourimbah libraries]

Illness Is a Weapon

Published 2013. While chronic Aboriginal ill health has become an important national issue in Australia, the author breaks new ground by locating sickness within the daily lives of Indigenous people in a remote Australian Aboriginal community. [Also available at Auchmuty library.]

Addictions and Healing in Aboriginal Country

Published 2003. Establishes a framework for understanding the issues pertinent to Indigenous addictions to alcohol, gunga and gambling and its aftermath in one community, Big River (a fictitious name for a real community).

Holding Men

Published 2009. The ways in which indigenous men understand their health and culture are explored in this examination of Aboriginal life, using conversations, stories, and art to demonstrate that kanyirninpa may provide hope for change and better health for all. [Also available at Auchmuty library.]

Reading Doctors' Writing: Race, Politics and Power in Indigenous Health Research, 1870-1969

Published 2004. Focusing on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, this chronicle goes beyond medical progress to explain how medical research has been influenced by the politics of colonialism, nationalist politics, and by the politics of race, racism and antiracism.

Aboriginal Suicide Is Different: A Portrait of Life and Self-destruction

Published 2005. Adopting a historical and anthropological approach to suicide in Australia and New Zealand, this study documents the rate of suicide among Aboriginal people, which is among the world’s highest.

Indigenous health books in print - click to find copies in UON libraries

Yatdjuligin: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nursing and midwifery care

2nd edition. Published 2018. This book introduces students to the fundamentals of the healthcare of Indigenous Australians, from the perspective of both the patient and the professional, and features case studies and critical thinking questions.

Binan Goonj: bridging cultures in Aboriginal health

3rd edition. Published 2010. This book provides current up-to-date literature addressing the complexity and multidisciplinary topics of Indigenous Health. [Also available as an eBook]

Aboriginal primary health care : an evidence-based approach

3rd edition. Published 2008. The book aims to assist those working in the field of Aboriginal health to understand the evidence base behind primary care interventions. 

Indigenous Australian health and cultures : an introduction for health professionals

Published 2011. Written by a diverse group of health professionals, the majority of whom are Indigenous Australians. A life cycle approach has been adopted, with chapters focusing on pregnancy and birthing through to the care and responsibilities of the elderly.

Promoting aboriginal health : the family wellbeing empowerment approach

Published 2014. Developed by the Aboriginal Education Development Branch (AEDB) of the SA Dept. of Education, Training and Employment the Family Wellbeing program began in response to the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody.

A Theory for Indigenous Australian Health and Human Service Work

Published 2014. Lorraine Muller outlines a theory for professional practice with Indigenous clients in the human services, based on traditional Indigenous knowledge and spirituality.

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