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ebooks:  What is an ebook?

What is an ebook?

What is an ebook?


An ebook, also known as an electronic book or digital book, is a book that exists in electronic form. It means a book that is available online in a full text format.

The UON Library ebooks are designed for research and can be read on any desktop or laptop computer and on a number of smart phone/tablet devices.

ebooks can be published in a range of file formats such as epub, pdf, mobi or azw. Most ebooks are available to be read online and are designed to be read on computers or laptops, a number of smart phone/tablet devices and ebook readers.

Printing, copying and downloading features vary between ebook publishers and usually requires your computer or device to have special software installed. 

Please note: The option to download allows you to receive the content from ebooks, it does not allow you to save the book.


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