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Data Management:  ReDBox

About ReDBox

ReDBox at Newcastle

ReDBox (Research Data Box) is a metadata stores system which provides organisations with the ability to describe research data and make the descriptions available to national and global registers enabling researchers from around the world to locate and access research data.

ReDBox provides metadata ingest forms to describe research data collections, etc as well as capturing management information about the data. The forms consists of forty two metadata fields covering the broad areas of creators, description, coverage, subject, rights, and management information. ReDBox has multiple workflow stages which include alerts/inbox, investigation, metadata review, final review, publish and retire.

ReDBox interfaces with its companion system, The Mint. The Mint provides Linked Name Authority Services which when connected to ReDBox enable look-up services from ReDBox to the name authority data sources loaded within the Mint, e.g. names, funding bodies, FOR’s SEOs, geonames, etc.

Integration with Institutional Repository (VITAL/Fedora)

The Newcastle implementation model of ReDBox is to capture and store the Collection metadata and then publish the metadata record from ReDBox to the VITAL/Fedora institutional repository. When the record is published to VITAL/Fedora the RIF-CS, MARC and DC datastreams as well as the ReDBox form data are pushed to the repository.ReDBox is also able to capture and store data and files that accompany the metadata records and transfer a copy of these to the repository when a record is published.

The RIF-CS is then harvested via an OAI RIF-CS feed to Research Data Australia from VITAL.Party and Activity records, also required by Research Data Australia, are not published to the repository. Instead the RIF-CS for these required associated records are harvested from the Mint via a separate OAI RIF-CS feed to Research Data Australia.Records from the ReDBox and the Mint systems are assigned Handles for persistent identifiers.

Example Records

Dataset title : Investigating the effects of study time, study repetition, semantic and orthographic similarity, and category length on item recognition memory receiver operating characteristics.

Example 1

Dataset record in institutional repository (published from ReDBox to VITAL)

Example 2

Dataset record in Research Data Australia (harvested via RIF-CS OAI feed from institutional repository)

ReDBox Document Library

The documents listed below underpin the development of the ReDBox interface for the University of Newcastle and are available for download.

Questions about UoN's implementation of ReDBox and The MINT can be directed to:

Vicki Picasso
Senior Librarian Research Support
University of Newcastle Library, or

Kai Chen
Research Data Librarian
University of Newcastle Library.

ReDBox Code and Web Site

ReDBox/Mint Code

The ReDBox code is open source. The USQ development team have made the ReDBOX code available on Google Code at :

ReDBox Website

The website for ReDBox/Mint contains system and technical documentation for the systems and is available at :

ReDBox Google Group

The ReDBox Google Group (( established in 2010. The forum is available at :